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  1. His latest email SPAM........l....

    We have a stock we will be calling Monday to all members.

    It is a BB stock. We very rarely call a BB stock. In fact,
    we called a total of 3 or 4 if I recall ALL of last year.

    There is a rumor that seems to have some merit, but it is
    a RUMOR and I must say that rumors tend NOT to come to
    fruition. Some of the ones we've played have for big gains,
    some have not for losses.

    My thinking on this type of play is that as long as you
    do it responsibly and know the possible risk, then you should
    be fine. BUT, I caution that if you go nutso on a BB stock
    then its your stupidity if it doesn't do what we want it to do.

    Also, you should use LIMIT orders ONLY! If you put in a market
    order on a BB stock you might get filled 5 - 10 cents or more

    The stock is UNDER 30 cents right now. So, you can figure out
    what happens if you pay too much for it!

    I also must disclose that I personally own 500,000 shares
    as of the end of the day today. I couldn't give the stock
    out to members as I got the rumor too late in the day
    and didn't want to have everyone pile in on a friday at
    days end. It would have driven up the price too much more
    than likely.

    NO ONE else at owns a single share that I am
    aware of. Tiny knows about the rumor because we discuss
    nearly every call.

    I just need to be clear to all members so that no one
    can accuse me of frontrunning a BB stock. I will NOT
    sell the stock on Monday. Not a single share.

    UNLESS the stock is driven up 10 cents or more. If you set
    limit orders and take your time getting it, then I see
    no reason why you won't be able to fill at a price close
    to what I paid.

    IF the stock gaps up large, then we will wait to see what shakes
    out. IF the rumor turns out to be true, then the stock
    can certainly get us a really nice move. That's a big if,
    and you should weigh that before you decide if and how many
    shares you want to buy. DO NOT BET THE HOUSE!!!

    I give you fair warning. If you load the boat and put your
    whole port into a BB stock that is 30 cents, then you are
    being a fool and if it fails then you deserve what you get.

    I can afford to lose the WHOLE thing, cause thats the risk on
    a BB stock. Whatever you decide to buy, if any at all, you
    have to make sure you are not tying up too much of your trading

    OK? I just want to give a full disclosure before we give the
    stock so that everyone is clear on the reality to these things.
    We've had some really nice and big fat winners on BB stocks,
    but certainly that does not mean this one will work for us.
    So, play it smart!!

    *ONLY members of Plan #1 and Plan #2 will get this play!
    If you want to join by Monday, then you can get the play. If not,
    you will not have access to it!

    Who knows, maybe it'll go up 10 fold,hehe! Ya never know!

  2. Babak


    "I just need to be clear to all members so that no one
    can accuse me of frontrunning a BB stock. I will NOT
    sell the stock on Monday. Not a single share.
    UNLESS the stock is driven up 10 cents or more. "

    Waxie's emphasis, not mine!

    ok let me see if I have this straight, his waxiness loads up the truck with a BB he admits is just a pos and then uses the megaphone to round up the sheep into a nice herd and then lathers them up into a frenzy with talk of double and tripling their money.

    He will not be accused of frontrunning! He will ONLY sell the stock if it goes up by 33%! Otherwise he'll just hang on. And if his loyal herd does bid up this pos then guess who will be feeding them stock at a nice clip?

    If that isn't frontrunning then I don't know what is!?!

    Better start packing Waxie the FBI are on their way.
  3. NOT.

    "I own 500,00 shares"

    Suppose this disclosure is genuine. Is the market today so unforgiving and are traders so cynical now that the dishonest ploy of yesterday is today based upon fact?

    A new spin is always created.
  4. trdrmac


    Easier to run than Joe Kernan.
    1M plus shares today, he got the tip i'm assuming from someone who did not take a vow of poverty.
    Greater than .2 but less than .3
    Gold stock on, wow it is unsual for someone to start a rumor on those.

    Other options:

    AACS 0.25 0.02 6.52% 1,200,100 39,000
    AERN 0.28 0.03 12.00% 2,033,500 12,000
    APOA 0.27 0.02 8.00% 2,625,000 26,000
    STN 0.22 0.01 4.76% 3,477,000 49,000
    CALVF 0.24 -0.02 -7.69% 2,597,300 1,579,000
    CLAI 0.28 0.02 7.69% 1,757,500 9,000

    CLHVF 0.28 0 0.00% 8,106,000 2,000

    IICP 0.27 0 0.00% 1,275,000 31,000
    ITEX 0.23 0.03 15.00% 1,550,500 6,000
    KAHA 0.21 0.01 5.00% 3,192,600 8,000
    LASE 0.22 0.01 4.76% 2,420,000 35,000
    MCTL 0.21 -0.01 -4.55% 1,081,800 15,000
    NEOT 0.27 0.02 8.00% 1,136,400 109,000 |
    RAZF 0.22 0.01 4.27% 2,381,400 1,265,000
  5. Just another example of why he RULES THE FREAKIN" MARKET!!!! I smell major KACHINGO!!! oh yeah.
  6. Sounds like Waxie at his best - he's a gem:

    "I will front run no stock before it's time"

    So basically he's saying, "...I will NOT be accused of front running you fools, I WILL do it of course - I just don't like being accused of it..."

    It's yet another in a series of lame excuses why he's getting in ahead of his paying clients too - "Oh, I got the rumor (or thought up the idea) too late in the day to tell everyone, but not too late for me to load up on it ahead of you. Anyway, I didn't want you fools jumping in before I finished loading up."

    Hey, at least the guy's got standards - he'll only screw his customers out of their money in one day as long as he can make at least a 33% return doing it.

    WOW - All that and he only charges $400/month - everyone better hurry and sign up now to get a piece of this great play and help make him even more - but bring your own Vasoline.

    He's not as stupid as he looks (if you've seen his infomercial you'll understand that). Since he essentially disclosed that he was all set and WAS going to front run every fool who was willing to jump in and drive the stock up a dime, he's probably safe from prosecution.:(
  7. Babak



    I'm not so sure about Waxie being safe from prosecution. That would mean that any criminal would be safe from prosecution as long as they give forewarning before they act:

    "ok, if you breath in the next few minutes, I'm going to shoot you and take your wallet and watch. So don't go blaming me for stealing! I told you that's what I was goin to do.":D
  8. I think it is totally legal to pump and dump as long as you cover your arse with disclaimers, etc. Case in point:
    I bet Waxie had at least one, maybe more, really good lawyers go over that email before he spammed it. I am sure he can afford it.
  9. A case of market manipulation could be made if waxie could not substantiate the supposed rumor, not that it was true of course but just that it existed. Otherwise, he would have mislead his followers with a knowing misstatement. Likewise, if he misstated how much stock he had or omitted to reveal any other material facts. But I doubt the SEC would want to tangle with a guy who FREAKIN' RULES THE MARKET!!!!
  10. Babak


    You've got it all wrong!

    He rules the FREAKIN' markets!! :D
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