Another Wallstreet Elitist with his Head up his %$^%

Discussion in 'Trading' started by topguntrader, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. I hate when these scumbag wallstreet traders think they can tell us what to do with our this

    I think this egotistical jerk should stick his drumsticks and his golfclubs up his $%^$^%
  2. This guy is talking about the Dentist who buys a stock on his etrade account while pulling teeth....yeah thats a daytrader. Then he says so smartly to leave it to the pros, but if you insist on doing it then.....

    "Use time-tested methods, such as earnings, the leadership of the company in its sector and sector valuations.''

    Yeah that would have made me a lot of money in the past 2 years. How about taking a look at a chart man.
  3. He's just trying to stop people from pulling money out from mutual funds. Lots of people have been doing that right now. Anybody can buy and hold a QQQ or a SPDR and still do better than most mutual fund managers so i guess the mutual fund industry is basically dead. They are just surviving on marketing and from convincing suckers that they in fact know better. So here he's saying that mutual funds are losing client's money but if you try it on your own you will do worse. so leave investments to the "professionals". yeah right, i will give them my ira so they can buy some more enron stock or maybe some argentine bonds...
  4. ``Let's say there's a dentist, he buys a stock, pulls a tooth and it's down 50 percent. Leave the trading to the professionals.''

    ...what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

    ...what does pulling a tooth have to do with stocks?

    ...when will all the stupid people just be taken out and shot?

    ...just because he's good at losing other people's money makes him a 'professional'?

    ...if you're a dentist, you can't make money in the markets?

    ...if you're an idiot, you can make money in the markets?

    ...when will there be a new DA on Law and Order? (I hate that fat old bitch!)