Another USA suicide shooting

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  1. What's wrong with a culture that drives people to be extremist and radicalized like this? USA is looking more and more like a failed state. I heard this guy shot himself.

    It seems that civilized society is breaking down there. Perhaps these guys hated their own "freedoms"? Or hated others enough to take away their freedoms to live?

    It's like these guys strap gun belts to themselves, yell AIEEEEEE, and fire into crowds.


    "CNN) -- At least two people were shot and several injured shortly before 4 p.m. CT at Northern Illinois University outside Chicago, CNN affiliates are reporting.

    Ambulances line up at Northern Illinois University after a shooting.

    The gunman who opened fire in Cole Hall, a lecture building, is dead, according to DeKalb police, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

    According to the Chicago Tribune, the DeKalb County coroner's office said no fatalities had been immediately reported.

    A local hospital tells CNN affiliate CLTV that it expects to receive 15 patients and has so far treated at least two. "

    And then another mass suicide shooting just last week. What drives these domestic terrorists, and what is the USA doing about it? Maybe we need restrctions to keep these insurgents out of other countries, maybe a travel ban:


    City Manager David Deutsch has requested a meeting with architects about security options for the new city hall following the Feb. 7 Kirkwood shootings.

    The gunman, Charles Lee ‘‘Cookie” Thorton, stormed into a Kirkwood City Council meeting and managed to shoot seven people, killing five, before he was shot dead by police. Thorton had a previous record of clashes with the City Council and had lost a lawsuit with the city only nine days before the shootings. Kirkwood is a city of approximately 27,000 people and is located a few miles outside of St. Louis.
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    in today's society, you're far more likely to die from someone going postal, or an illegal alien driving drunk, or a heart attack from your job, than you are from a terrorist

    by a pretty heavy margin
  3. That all changes if terrorists get a hold of nukes or chemical/biological WMD.

    But of course, that's just irrational thinking employed by the neocons to instill fear in the populace in order to justify imperialist invasions and selling arms.

  4. Glad you brought that up, hap.

    Question, for hapaboy and neocon supporters;
    How many countries, worldwide, can operate a fleet of fighter bombers, or any aircraft at all, from available country roads?
    How many countries strategic military assets, could be destroyed in a flash by nuclear armed missiles from a diplomatic or computer error, regardless of what hap thinks?

    Yeah, hap doesnt like the answer, so he will obfuscate with a semper fi "yo" patriotic answer.

    Question, unfortunately, remains.........
  5. As usual, Acro, you're shitting all over the place like a kid with Rotovirus...

    By your logic, since a "diplomatic or computer error" could result in nuclear annihilation (you've seen a lot of Tom Clancy movies, I see), might as well not worry about terrorists getting a hold of them. Great, you've just solved the world's problems. Who knew it could be so simple? Time to move the Armageddon clock back to 8:00., I guess. Let's give you the Nobel Peace Prize!!

    Do you have any idea what even a low-yield nuke could do to an American city? Or should we just not care because, after all, mankind will probably end anyway because of a Windows Vista error in one of our missile silos?

    Country roads, take me home....semper fi enough for you? :p
  6. Notice how these events rarely happen in Texas.

    Everybody has the right to carry firearms in that state (I believe so anyway).

    If that jerkoff had tried to pull the same stunt there, I will bet that someone would have had a weapon on them and voila, they might have put an end to that SOB before he had the chance to shoot innocent students.

    God I wish I had been there when that crazy bastard walked out onto the stage. It has been a long time since I got to shot someone....sigh
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    A very sad thing to see another one of these happen.

    We can speculate about the causes, but one thing is certain: Those students who were alive yesterday and are now dead--young people probably filled with all kinds of hopes and dreams for the future--will never be heard from again. Ever.

    very sad, indeed.

    And how does this reflect on our country? In the Reuters (British news) articles I have read covering the last couple of these recent shootings, they have included the exact same...umm..."advisory":

    "Mass shootings are not rare in the United States, where gun control is less strict than in many countries and where the gun-ownership lobby is politically influential."

    Obviously we are a little slow over here in the colonies.
  8. these shootings always happen in a "gun free" safe zone. wonder why? don't these shooters understand its illegal to have guns in these gun free zones? how dare they.

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