Another (True) Anectdote - Two New Car Dealers Will Not Lease Cars

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  1. I contacted two new car dealers to inquire about a car for my niece. She's in college here, and her parents don't live here, so I help her out whenever she needs it.

    She is looking to get a new car, so I took the liberty of contacting two car dealers - neither one will lease any cars at the moment.

    It is not a big deal as her dad's helping her buy a car, but I though it was interesting that two new car dealers, back to back, told me, almost immediately when I spoke with them, that they are not leasing any new cars.
  2. Get financing from the U.K. Some bank there just re-instated 125% mortgages again.
  3. it seems odd the price of cars is falling so much you would think they would be happy to lease them to make up for lost sales.

    it is good of you to look out for your niece.
  4. None of my business but, someone in college who doesn't have the money, yet wants a new car? Tell her to buy a used car!

    Who needs payments while in college? Lease or no lease it means she or whoever doesn't have the cash.

    Get over it USA, pay cash for your shit & STFU!
  5. Our government wants us to borrow and spend. That's what we do... what we do.. what we do...
  6. I j ust leased two new cars both in the last six-weeks. One from BMW Financial Services and one from Toyota Mortor Credit.

    When one has a 765 Fica score and 20 years of employment's been my experience they bend over backwards to get you in a car

  7. trendy


    I really getting tired of your USA bashing, so Shut The Fuck Up yourself.
  8. You should teach your "niece" why she doesn't deserve a new car, cause the price will be lower next month. Deflation, remember, deflation baby, BLSH. LOL:D

    Seriously, college kids should only buy used car.
  9. everyone should only buy used. twice the car, for half the price--- why not?

  10. college kids should walk or bike.
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