Another tragic sign of America's fading dominance: Last NASA shuttle mission

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  1. Thank you mass immigration, Affirmative Action, and multiculturalism. Thanks in no small measure to these policies, the space program is being passed to Europe, China, and Russia. Wont this be just great for America's future?

    Thirty years after the space shuttle program began, the final space shuttle flight is slated to take place on July 8, NASA said Friday.

    The Space Shuttle Atlantis will make the program's final voyage on a mission to deliver supplies and spare parts to the international space station, the agency said.

    Chris Ferguson, a veteran of two shuttle missions, will command the flight, set to launch at 11:40 a.m., NASA said.

    The Atlantis mission will be the 135th and final mission for the program.
  2. immigration is the downfall of nasa? Come on, I recall when reporters asked Nasa if they would allow private citizens to pay money to go into space like russia was doing. Nasa said no, space is for scientist NOT tourist, and this coming from a capitalist nation mind you. I see only complete incompetence from Nasa, yeh we got pretty pictures of far off celestial objects, wow neat, get me a picture of tiger woods wife hitting him upside his head,,now thats coin man. A single metallic asteroid can be worth a trillion dollars man, nasa had no fire in the belly or outstanding leadership. If Steve Jobs was in charge we would be on the moon, mars and everywhere else,,leadership is so critical.
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    I grew up watching the space program on TV. While it is kinda disappointing the shuttle is finished I'm no longer a fan of NASA. Poor leadership, lax management and wasteful budgets, at a time we can ill afford to be wasting money, have turned me off.
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    I worked the first operational shuttle mission and about 24 subsequent missions as an engineer at Kennedy.

    At Hughes Aircraft Company I applied to fly as a mission specialist and my boss was selected to go. He ended up on the Challenger and was killed.

    I watched over the years as the space vehicles I was designing, building, testing, launching and operating increasingly turned from looking into space towards looking down at earth. We became more and more self-absorbed and less inclined towards actual human exploration in the classic sense.

    Now we have an affirmative-action community organizing african-america as our President and presumably our Leader. Can anyone here on ET cite a single african that discovered anything as an explorer similar to Lewis & Clark, Cortez, Amundsen etc.? Not a one. A perfect match for our inward looking society.

    Once you stop looking around you are a static culture. No exploration equals no ambition. Just a people that sit around, collect a check and watch sports on television. Not very noble.
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    But if there is JUST ONE place to "waste" money it is in space program. The achievements pull the nation together, new important technologies come out of the space program and some day the human race will be exterminated if we can't get off this rock.

    Those old enough to remember Sputnik, the space race and the lunar landings had much of their national pride formed by those events. Maybe that's what's missing from the current generation of liberals, they don't see America the same way as those of us who lived through those times.

    NASA absolutely needs reform. It needs a goal. It needs to fire it's crazy environmental scientists. It needs to be given a different mission than "to appease Muslims". Let's narrow the focus and go back to the Moon and establish a base. We can do it and it would go a long way toward improving American hope and confidence.
  6. Bushs wars,tax cuts,medicaid expansion etc could have paid for a lot of things including more funding for NASA
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    Given a choice I'd certainly rather waste it there than welfare and "free" medical services to illegal immigrants.
  8. Absolutely. Every since Affirmative Action, NASA has gone to shit. Now NASA has to hire on the basis of race, not on the basis of who's the best scientist or engineer.

    Oh and then there's the science and engineering schools, who have to admit students on the basis of race, instead of who's the best student. Then, they have to lower their standards far enough so that most of the racial discrimination beneficiaries pass, otherwise that will be racist too.

    So then you take the sub par engineering and science grads, and NASA must hire them based on mandated racial preference schemes.

    Of course mass immigration is the biggest cause of joblessness and poverty in the nation today. So yes, it has decreased tax revenue which funds NASA in the aggregate.

    After all this you can't be shocked that our space program is being handed over to the other developed nations of the world who don't do this stupid shit. It's a sign of the times.

    Look at America's future: Does Brazil have a space program?

    You might think long and hard about the net cost of forgoing control of low earth orbit space, along with all the satellites and weaponry, and let me know if this stupid anti whitey shit is really worth flushing that.

  9. Back in Jan state of the union address:

    Obama said we were entering "our generation's Sputnik moment":

    Well that was quick..
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