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    After seeing the thrashing bullznbearz received from some members (for seeking a mentor), I submit this post with some hesitation. But here goes :D . I've been trading nasdaq/nyse stocks fulltime for 15 months, and have been pretty beat up by the market. I could use some help from a mentor that is making a living in these markets. Recently, I had a good 5 week run of steady increases to my account, but then gave back that profit in 2 days. And, I can't seem to get back on track. I need to communicate with someone who can help me kick my game up a notch and become more consistently profitable. At this point, I almost think I need someone standing behind me to slap me in the back of the head when I screw Fee negotiable. If you are near the Dallas area, that would be a plus. Constructive comments welcome. Thanks for your time.
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    Just look under the Journal section.
    Someone is bound to match your trading style.
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    I learned to trade and am now making 1-3 k per day.

    I can teach you in only 3 days

    and we would do it by phone and we can trade live and you would be placing same orders as me

    but you know what SON, I want 10 k for it.

    you probably don't have the money for a real mentor to tell you what to do.

    if you do PM me
  4. cmon man, u tried that with another guy's post a few days ago :p get some more creative juices flowing :D
  5. That's absolutely "normal" for most traders. It's called a draw down. The only way to handle this is stay cool, keep emotions out of trading and keep doing what you have been doing during the 5 week run and remember the lesson the market taught you in those 2 days. There is no magic to avoid or predict losses. You will always experience draw downs in your account, the only thing that needs to evolve is your ability to take these losses without panicking and giving in to your emotions that make it feel you quickly have to adapt a new trading style to survive. Usually, a draw down period is the worst time to listen to one's emotions.

    There's no need to force yourself to try and be profitable 250 days out of 250 days in a year!
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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Thanks TUMS. I will check that out.

    INSERT, 10K is a small price to pay if you could really teach someone to consistently make 1-3k per day with 3 days training. But, the demeanor you display in that post certainly does not give me much confidence that you are the real deal. Perhaps I am misreading you? You’ve got access to my email address. Shoot me an email, and give me some more details.
  7. Right said makloda !:D
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    sorry I am not a vendor and certainly don't NEED you

    if you are interested in me....... PM me
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