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  1. I've a provocation (sorry for my bad english): for the mentoring training I'll give you 50% of my gain for the rest of my life (i think is ok,or not?).What i'm looking for is:

    1) scalping (no overnight) in furture, stock,forex;
    2) options (in this case it's ok the overnight).

    I don't like t.a., i didn't use it so that's all.


    p.s. more informations or questions PM please :)
  2. lol
  3. PaulRon


    50% for life!!
  4. Joab


    A.Even IF I taught you to trade nothing says that you would be able to duplicate my results.

    B. 50% of something that can not be monitored is just stupid.

    Sorry bud but your going to have to do it like the rest of us and put in your own hard time.
  6. you want to learn to daytrade/scalp futures, fx etc without technical analysis?? Good luck with that :p
  7. I don't like it but.... if there's an edge....

    my trading 's based on arbitrage so I don't use t.a.

    My idea was :instead to pay a course (100,1000,10000$) why don't give the profite??? But I knew that It' s simple to sell a course or a book,not to teach and take the profit.
    Be advise new guys

    p.s.most of the succesfull trader (scalper,daytrader, etc) don't use t.a.

  8. Two questions:

    1) What is the minimum income per annum requirement that you want your mentors to have ? and how much minimum do you expect to make per annum for you to be successful ? and how fast do you expect that point ?

    2) How much do you have in your account that can be funded into a trading account tomorrow ?
  9. Why? That's how most successful daytraders/scalpers do it.

    What, you mean you thought they used MACD?

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