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  1. Okay before someone says, "go and use the search bar"....the answer is I have and I have checked almost all the recent threads on this topic. I have used the solutions provided there but looking to dig deeper in case there are some new providers out in 2016.

    So the challenge I face is that I cannot find a suitable real-time solution that fits my budget (say around $300-$400 per month, non-professional). I am looking for a real-time feed for all the stocks in the Nasdaq composite (so about 2600 members currently). I’m not looking for ultralow frequency but something in the order of 300ms - 500ms is sufficient. Further I’m looking for effectively level 1 data like open, low, high, last, volume etc. Don’t need bid/ask, trade size or any level 2 details etc The IQFeed API is excellent but unfortunately there is an 1800 symbol limit and its not practical nor efficient to operate two accounts. Here are the others I have tried and the feedback they’ve given me…surprised at the variability in pricing:

    Nanex -> $450 p/month + account setup + exchange fees + contract term

    Barchart API --> TBA (looking competitive)

    Money.Net API--> $700 p/month

    CQG --> $ 600 p/month

    Dxfeed --> $1750 p/month

    Quantquote --> service almost non-existent, tried calling past three days.

    Activetick --> bad data quality, probably why it’s only $180 p/month

    Xignite --> $20k per year

    Interactive Brokers --> max 1000 symbols

    Does anyone have any possible solutions or advise of any decent data vendors I may have missed that are worth checking out?
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    We offer Redi ($350/month+MD), Sterling Trader ($230/month+MD) and Silexx OEMS ($600/month for the API including MD) All have APIs. From your description, I would check out Redi first.

    All three connect to our OMS and would clear at our relationships. (We are introducing brokers to Merrill Lynch Professional and Apex Clearing) Send me an email, if you want to talk to me about our services, with your name and contact information.
  3. Check you email inbox. Would be keen to hear what API solutions you have for me.
  4. Spoke to Robert (rmorse), do recommend Redi for some of the more mature traders / young hedge fund guys on here...they have a unique approach and an interesting business model.

    Otherwise still looking for some other solutions.
  5. Personal opinion:
    There aren't any other solutions. Bob's a good guy and a straight-shooter; if there were solutions out there that better matched your situation he'd probably suggest them even if it meant not getting your business.

    Other than that, you pretty much have three options:
    1. basic retail... TD/IB/ETrade, etc. (garbage unless manually trading)
    2. the mid-tiers like Activ, IQ, IB, etc. (symbol limits, snapshot data, etc.)
    3. The big boys...

    A lot has changed so this may not be accurate: we had issues with the Sterling platform more than writing to the Sterling API (single vs. multi threads). Sterling was single, we wanted multi. Was a real pain. That may have changed. It's been a while and they were working on it. Redi (executing GSEC) was plenty robust, slightly more expensive but worth it.
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    Thank you WinstonTJ. Redi is more robust, but no longer a GSEC product. They are an independent company owned by a few big banks and broker neutral now. We can use our routes now. We are just waiting for the pairs trader to come out of beta. Maybe 6 more weeks.

  7. Just an update for some of the folk looking at this thread. I concur with WinstonTJ, not many other providers out there and you have to pay up if you want the quality stuff. At this stage, Nanex looks like the best option...unfortunately I don't really know how to program in C. Anyone with experience out there, are there any wrappers out there for Java?

    As for the others:
    Barchart --> $1k/month...they said they would need to create a custom solution and that would require the labour of their developers.
    Quantquote --> worst customer service out of all of them. Takes 1 week for them to reply, and the best response is no longer than 1 sentence. They quote 4k/m. Beware guys, no one even picks up their phones. I think this was set up by someone from Caltech so be wary of the review this uni provides of this data source, quite bias.
    Esignal --> also looked into these guys. Discontinued their API but have built-in excel capability...capped at 2500 symbols. About $328 p/m (Ex exchange fees)
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    Apparently someone has written a Java wrapper for Nanex/NxCore; see the following link (you probably need to register to see it); I won't comment on it otherwise as I haven't tried it myself:
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    Where did you get the cost of Nanex at $450/mo? Is this NxCore or some other product? I've not contacted them about pricing, but I've seen numbers posted different places anywhere from $600 - $1500/mo. Yours of course is the lowest. At $450/mo that price it actually is interesting to me, although still a bit higher than I want to be at.
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