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  1. Bob111


    Senate passes bill letting states tax online sales

    i like this one-

    now what? seller is going to have 50+ programms from each state to calculate sales tax? this is how it's sounds to me.
    what a country US have became..rather than simplify -they are just making it worse and worse..

  2. JamesL


    Maybe it's about time the states simplify their arcane tax structures and make the tax collection easier to collect and weaken the excuses of the online crowd. Seriously, why is the sales tax in NYC different from Nassau county and different from Suffolk and all different from westchester?

    Would be nice tho to keep my local Best Buy for a while longer. Hate buying that type of shit online.
  3. Catoosa


    It would be far simpler for the seller and the buyer for the seller to collect and pay the sales tax of the seller's location.
  4. I agree in concept. But this thing, like EVERY FUCKING THING THESE OUT OF TOUCH OUT OF CONTROL WASHINGTON ELITISTS (they don't deserve a "politician" title) DO, IT IS MESSED UP!

    Instead, no exemptions whatsoever and collect state tax based on the ship from address. Now that's a fair playing field. NY will not and should not benefit from a case of soda sold from a GA business direct to a NY consumer. In the case of dropship from overseas initiated by a US business, the state tax of the location of the US business or the ship from US warehouse address. Sorry Amazon your warehouse expansion just backfired as far as taxes are concerned. Care to guess which states would become online retail havens? Maybe a few states need incentive to attract new online businesses and jobs? Besides WidgetWorld West already has all the necessary tax collection resources since it is a brick and mortar and online retail/wholesale business . If everyone shopping at WidgetWorld West is required to pay the same sales tax rate based on the ship from address not the ship to address, let the competition begin!!

    $1M retail sales is 83.4K a month, less than 3k a day GROSS SALES!! And what of those states that tax shipping. Shipping becomes part of gross sales? Hell, Last time I had a garage sale, about 4 hours a day for 2 days, I grossed half that! I bet I could come close to averaging 3k gross operating as a regular vendor at a weekend flea market with 24/7 online sales. If you don't think this will affect maw and paw of Kettles R We, who operate a brick and mortar and have ebay and other online presence you belong in DC with the other out of touch assholes!!
  5. Millions of people enter NYC every day. They consume resources (police, sanitation, street maint) and do not pay some of the taxes that residents do. Money for those resources has to come from somewhere - bridge tolls and a higher sales tax. Note that the sales tax is deductible on your income tax, so it may not be much of an issue for some people.
  6. bonds


    The stock market is up again this morning...

    So is this tax a non market event? I would think it would be pretty big

    Is the market saying it doesn't think the bill will pass the house? Or it just doesn't care? Only cares about money printing?!?!
  7. States have a right to govern what goes on in their jurisdiction. If NY wants to impose a tax on soda, it shouldn't matter which factory or bottler or dealer or warehouse or overnight refrigerated truck stop the soda originated in or passed through on its way to the NY resident who is going to consume it. They should be able to ban soda altogether if they want. That's what states rights are all about.

    The alternative - be careful what you wish for - is to have a uniform Federal sales tax, and then let the partisans in Washington decide how much of that money flows back to the individual states.
  8. Bob111


    if it passes-then watch out for internet stores\sellers
    but i still don't get it,why i have to pay to my the state,when i bought something outside of it? makes no sense
  9. It isn't "another tax", it's a tax that people were legally obligated to be paying all along and weren't.

    The party's over so quit whining and pay up.
  10. Bob111


    i don't have problem paying it(since i don't buy a lot of s**t), but DC and states have to demonstrate that they spending it wisely.

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