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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Saigon, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Saigon


    After reading just about every Swift Trade thread already on this site, I am questioning my decision to go into the firm for an upcoming interview.

    I currently work for a mutual fund dealer making a decent hourly wage, and I really want to get into trading. At first this looked like a great place to start, but like almost everyone, I need to pay the bills every month, and I wouldn't be able to sustain a few months without pay.

    I didn't study business or finance at University, so I feel I may be behind the 8ball in regards to getting a proper trading job.

    I live in Toronto... are there better options for me?


    should I just go in and see what they are offering...

    anyone work currently or have worked recently at the Toronto branch?
  2. mnx


    suprised no one has given you a response.

    trading is hard. most don't succeed. If you can't go a few months without making $$ to pay the bills then don't waste your time now.

    i started at swift 3.5 years ago.. i was living with my folks at the time so I had the time to give it a shot and didn't have many financial pressures...

    if you really want to give trading a shot, save up some $$, learn all you can and start trading part time. When you have enough money saved up then and only then try trading somewhere full time...

    good luck.

    - mnx

  3. Ya, I wouldn't walk into a day trading firm without having a lot of practice. I would pratice with a sim for a minimum of 3 months before even thinking of doing it for real.
  4. Toronto HO is one of the best places to trade SWIFT... the managers are great ppl and they really know what they're doing... and the receptionist is HOT!
  5. l2tradr


    They can afford to pay a "hot" receptionist with the 50-65% they take from the traders :(
  6. I disagree with this. Provided he can afford to survive at home for a minimum of 6-12 months without making money, and he has an insatiable burning desire to be a successful trader, he should join Swift, or better, Title. I walked into a daytrading firm without any experience and learned how to make money consistently. I spent a month on a sim, and I know for a fact that more than two weeks is too long. The only purpose behind a simulator is to get used to watching the level II/T&S, and to get used to pressing the buttons. After that, you must trade live to learn to make money daytrading.
  7. Saigon


    think I'm gonna save some $$$ and give it a crack later down the road...
  8. whats bad is, i can't even get an interview at swift trade lol
  9. Which Office?
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