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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by R. Monkey, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. R. Monkey

    R. Monkey


    I came across Swift Trade while doing some research on an unrelated subject and have since been encouraged (from inside) to work there.

    I've gone through as many threads on the subject as I could find, but still have some questions that remain.

    My interest in ST is not driven from a desire to make the big bucks; it's from a desire to make some bucks while leaving time for everything else.

    The way it's been pitched to me is that one works during the market hours, minus three hours when activity slows down over the lunch period. Is this really a job that I can leave behind after the market closes, or will it require constant research over the course of my would-be career?

    In respect to the amount of time required of its employees, is ST substantially different from any other company does prop trading?

    Some people have suggested that it's ridiculous to accept training without pay for any length of time, but -- once again -- it's the notion of being finished by 4:00 that appeals to me, so that I can engage in more constructive activities. Is this a vaguely practical perspective, or shall I simply run screaming back into the arms of my current career?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Big Fees

    Big Fees

    You should be there for the entire length of the day during your training period if you want to learn.

    The manager of your branch will likely require you to be there for most, if not all, of the day.
  3. As you have the skill to post a message on a messageboard (and clearly know how to use a keyboard), they'll probably hire you @ swift. But my advice: go away now you're still sane and not frustrated, depressed and mentally beaten down ...
  4. R. Monkey

    R. Monkey

    I would certainly expect to be there for the duration of the day during the training period . . . It's the time after that I'm interested in.

    As for being mentally beaten down, is that also from the training process, or are there politics and webs of interpersonal bullshit that have to be dealt with inside of the everyday work environment?
  5. There is no work to be required of you after 4:00. You close your last position and that's it, you might worry about your day for the next 30 min if you did bad, but that's it, once you are out the door there is nothing you can do, so the day is over. Just like in any other field, people who work hard get places. What this means at Swift is reading all the books on technical analysis and psychology you can find, reading up this board. There is a lot of gems hidden here in-between trash. Swift Trade is whatever you make it out to be. If you come in expecting that the manager and fellow traders will tell you how to make money you will be deeply disappointed like all the other pikers who thought that, and still thinking when they accept job from Swift Trade. They will give you the money to trade, not too bad of a system, lowest execution fees in the business and ability to see first hand that there are people who are successful at this Job (on swifts system). Those people might be willing to help you but I doubt it(some do/some don't buy them beers at a bar if you see them around and you should be ok). Your success at Swift depends 99% on your genetic predisposition and how much work you put into it. Wow that sounds like every-other Job where there is potential to make money (doctors/ pilots/accountants).

    The people who say it's ridiculous to accept training without pay have no clue what they are talking about. Ask them what they did between the ages of 6-21(add couple more for lawyer/doctor etc). Yeah thats right they went to school. For what? There is two skills you need from school simple math and simple english(or lenguage of your country). You learn those in grade 3. Haha now they must feel ridiculous for wasting 15+ of their life without getting payed. Or to find out that they picked a job they hate. HAHAH You will know if you are cut out to be a Swift Trader within 6 months. I think Trader period. I know a lot of people who started at swift and moved to other companies where they are allowed to trade bigger size/risk and are doing awsome.

    Hope this helps
    Good luck trading

    PS. There are people who have a natural talent. come to swift make 10-15 within 6-8 months of starting. With some hard work though they should be making double that. Except they are content with what they are making and don't look for other things.
  6. None of that at swift. Most people don't care for your existence. Their paycheck is not dependand on your results. Like other bullshit companies with team goals and company objectives that have to be met.

    You will be mentally beaten down by the market showing you what a big idiot you are (at the begining anyways) you are going to play against the best in the world. Guys/girls who went to the best school in the world and finished at the top of their class have the best and most expensive technology at their fingertips and then average joe who have years of work experience on top of yours. They will school you day in and day out, till you start picking up on their game. With swift's awsome fees it will be between 6-10 weeks.