another supplement bites the dust. fish oil pills are a waste of money:

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  1. americans are addicted to pills. they hear that some nutrient is good for you and within days the supplement manufacturers will have a pill on the market with that ingredient.
    the problem is the body does not process pills in the same way it does real food. all you are doing in most cases is making expensive pee with most supplements:
    Fish oil supplements don't prevent heart attacks, study says

    Taking fish oil pills rich in omega-3 fatty acids doesn't appear to have a significant effect on heart attacks, strokes or death, a study published today in The Journal of the American Medical Association finds.

    The news comes even as sales of fish oil supplements are booming. In 2011 Americans spent $1.1 billion on them, up 5.4 percent from 2010, according to the Nutrition Business Journal.

    The researchers reviewed 20 well-designed clinical trials that looked at the health outcomes of people taking omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplements derived from fish oils. The trials dated from 1989 to 2012 and included 68,680 people who were studied for at least a year. They found no statistically significant association between all deaths, cardiac-related deaths, sudden deaths, heart attacks and strokes among people taking the supplements.|head
  2. so what is the real problem with american health:

    "The details are hard to articulate without choking on them. Less than 1% of adolescents, roughly 2% of men, and only 3.5% of ostensibly more sensible women met guidelines for both fruits and vegetables. And this is despite counting jam, jelly, and orange juice as fruit, and both French fries, and the ketchup poured over them, as vegetables. In fact, orange juice was the dominant fruit choice, and potatoes the dominant vegetable across all demographics."
  3. I had bad acne through highschool. Nothing worked, proactive, acutane, all that sh*t that basically bleaches your face and is terrible for you never worked.

    Heard a friend say that fish oil worked to clear up their skin.

    Started taking fish oil every day and cleared me up within two weeks. I couldn't believe such a simple thing could work. So it does help in that regard.

    As far as heart attacks and cholesterol I wouldn't know.

    I've heard multivitamins aren't as effective as people think but the fish oil helped me greatly in regards to my skin.

    I don't agree with the prescription frenzy our health system is in . Every kid now days automatically has A.D.D if they didn't do their homework one night. Ridiculous. There is a pill for everything. It's not good.
  4. Speaking of fruits and vegetables (I'm taking about the types we eat, not hang out with)....

    Get this..I sent my daughter into the store to get me a steak and a large tomato for dinner. The fuckiing tomato was $3.32. $2.99 a lb,,wtf. Too much money, Imo a tomato should be about a buck 25 or buck 50.
    2nd up...daughter number two calls me yesterday and said she bought some honey crisp apples. 6 apples $17 dollars at wall mart. I forget now I think those fuckers were 4.99 a lb.

    At any rate, probably a big expense of vegtables is trucking costs but these two examples are disproportionally expensesive to a reg joes food budget.
  5. Hey...:D

    Can't knock the diagnosis, it's worth moolah for the school.

    If a kid get classified,, parent can collect ssi or some gov't benefit for raisin a retard, the school gets extra funds for special needs teachers, it's to everyones benefit.
  6. Use fish oil to help w/Vitamin D if I don't get out much for whatever reason. It does help with that.
    As for the rest, the idea is that it's somewhat anti-inflammatory, as I recall. So are mussels, but mussels have a lot of cholesterol.
    As for skin, I hadn't really taken it for that, but it is true my skin's gotten a lot better over time. Maybe because of this?
    All in all, it's better and tastier to eat mussels, and salmon, sea bass, swordfish, tuna, all that stuff.
    If you're going to take a supplement, know what it's good for and not. I never thought it'd help out with my cholesterol/heart attack risk.
  7. IMO keep taking your fish oil especially if you aren't eating cold water fatty fish. This is only one study and does not change the preponderance of evidence and the opinions of the hundreds of other scientists and studies showing health benefits. Future studies may confirm this study but as of now it is just one more study to consider with all the others.
  8. cant hurt,right? the supplememt industry thanks you for the 1.1 billion that is spent on fish oil supplements every year.
  9. I think almost everything is bullshit. People are too preoccupied with living longer lives. They look too much to the future without realizing that it's the present that counts.

    You will die at a place and time, probably not of your choosing and considering cancer strikes 40% of the population, die with some kind of agonizing suffering. One way or another, you are doomed.

    In the Hindu Epic, the Bhagavad Gita, this monster asks the protagonist this question in which he may free his brothers," What is the greatest wonder of them all?"

    The reply,"That even though man see death all around him, he seeks to live forever."
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    you need to be more of a free thinker and not be a slave to one study's results.
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