Another stimulus surprise

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    What's next from these control freaks? A teaser from the article:

    Elderly Hardest Hit

    Daschle says health-care reform “will not be pain free.” Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them. That means the elderly will bear the brunt.

    My wife and I didn't serve 20 years in the military for this fucking shit. I hope the old fucks in congress will apply any such standards to themselves as well. What the hell? I guess that will help solve the social security problem. Of course were it not for 10's of millions of abortions, we might not have a social security problem. Kill the young and the old. What a fucking society we are becoming.
  2. What, exactly, do you want?

    Health care for everyone?

    Or do you want a private, for-profit health insurance system where many are left uncovered?

    I'm being serious here.
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    A system for the have nots is fine with me (and I don't mind pitching in a little extra for such a cause), but don't change it for those who have been promised, earned, and are paying for private healthcare of a set standard...
  4. You actually think the social security problems are caused by the higher rate of abortions?

    Wow. Just wow.
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    Totally missed my point. All those non existent taxpayers that were eliminated before birth would have contributed greatly to the coffers.
  6. Social Security is a numbers game. You need more people paying in then getting payed.

    Abortion has killed 30 million since 1973, include children of the destroyed 30 million , you have 50 million potential consumers wiped out. 50 million more paying taxes, paying social security.
    This is reality.
  7. There aren't even enough decent jobs for everyone at the current population level. Unemployed people don't contribute very many tax dollars.

    If you were relying on SS for anything more than some extra bingo money, you were the one who was duped.
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    At this point I would say anyone waiting for SS has been duped. It's bigger than Madoff, as in Ponzi.

    To take the point of the thread further...let's deny the oldsters certain medical now, and maybe we just cut off their SS when they reach a certain age, too. It won't be there anyway.
  9. I'm aware of the numbers.

    How is that any different than what Bernie Madoff was doing? How long are you going to rely on a growing population for your retirement money? It's ridiculous.

    If a woman has an abortion, she obviously must have a good reason to do so. In most cases, I'm sure she can't afford to take care of the kid. More than likely, that kid will end up relying on welfare anyway. Not to mention, the crime rate in this country would be significantly higher.

    There is a reason why the crime rates dropped in large cities in the early 90s. It had nothing to do with better police work.

    Think about it.
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