Another Steve Ballmer colossal failure

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  1. I swear, this guy hasn't done a freaking thing for shareholders since the day he took over ceo. I mean, why is he still running microsoft!!! Ask steve jobs how to make a big company BIGGER.

    He blows 6 billion in 5 years. Who does that? LOL.

    Microsoft reported its first ever quarterly loss as a public company as the software giant made accounting changes relating to a troubled online services business.

    The loss was triggered by a previously announced $6.19bn charge for writing down the value of aQuantive, an advertising business Microsoft bought in 2007 in an attempt to catch up with Google's ad business

    some good perspective

  2. Yes...

    When a company has to MAKE up a small technical change inside one of their main product lines to create current sales...

    Then Its Game Over... !!

    Microsoft basically added the RIBBON to Office products in 2007 and 2010 as the advancement for their Office Suite Products... otherwise 2007 office and 2010 pretty much are not much better or really different from Office 2002 or 2003... In fact the latter are BETTER...

    The RIBBON does not add value... and does not help the user to better see or get to product features easier...

    I have a special name for the MS Ribbon in Office... Frozen Squirrel Snot... since they both gum up the works...

    The RIBBON is a disaster... programming with it... or around it... to develop custom MS products is like working with a WART...

    they deserve this loss... they can't even properly STEAL good ideas anymore...

    Mr. Softie... You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself...
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    the real problem for them is they lost the phone operating system market.
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    D.C. could show him a thing or two.
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    And yet MSFT shares are up 2% after hours. What gives?