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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by alanack, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. alanack


    The other day richtrader helped me to cut and paste a row from a spreadsheet to another row. But unless I did this to an empty row, it deleted the row where I placed it. Isn't there a way to copy a row, and insert it between two rows, in ONE step? I'm using open office, but it seem to work pretty much like excel. Thanks.

  2. Sittas


    Insert a row first and then paste the thing you would like to copy into it.

    In excel you can enter a row by right clicking on the top of the row (where the letter is shown) and choosing the correct option in the menu.

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  3. MrDinky


    You can also insert a row between two other rows this way. First highlight the entire row you want to move by clicking on the row number on the left hand side. Then, hold down the shift key and place your mouse cursor on the top of the highlighted row somewhere on the spreadsheet. Left-click, hold down the button, drag the row to where you want to place it, then release the button. If you're doing it correctly, you should see a row line move up or down as you move the row up or down to where you want to place it.

    This method works using excel, I do not know if it will work using OpenOffice.

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