Another social conservative leading by example

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    Would you like us to post the Democraps getting DUI's, stashing cash in their freezers and other illegal actions, too?

    You must admit this is a worthless thread you have started as just as many, if not more, Democraps are guilty of this and worse.
  2. This isn't about Democrat or Republican, though social conservatives tend to be Republican. There are some socially conservative Democrats in Congress, mostly black I think. You'd think that someone who tries to legislate morality would be on their best behavior.

    You could probably find some fiscally liberal Democrats cheating their taxes. That would be the equivalent.
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    Why don't you go find some preachers caught stealing or cheating on their wives? They are everywhere. It's human nature and a non-story. Now, if you get Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi in such a scandal, please, let us know. Celebrity at least makes it more interesting.
  4. That guy ought to conserve alcohol , his face is actually reshaped by his excessive intake of the sweet sauce.
  5. Well, this was a senator, and it's not the first time I've heard of his name. This is front page news on most websites. Believe me, if Harry Reid was caught cheating on his taxes I'd be posting it as well. I'm not partisan like a lot of people on this forum, including you.
  6. He's a Mormon. I didn't think they were allowed to drink.
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    Yep my friend a true Mormon doesn't even drink tea because of Caffeine.
  8. With a name like Crapo , what do you expect.
  9. Speaking of senators, maybe we should ban cars because Ted Kennedy's car killed Mary Jo Kopechne?

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