another snake oil salesman?

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  1. why are we all sitting around trading all day when we could just follow this guy and make 3000%. lol

    9 trades, 2 years, +3000%. Complete automation.
    Max drawdown 36%. Initial equity $10,000. Lower volatility attainable using ETFs.
  2. with one born every minute, this guy's equity curve should look pretty good
  3. Question how do I learn to sell snake oil like this. My last trade was monday and since then I had a lot of free time on my hands. So what makes a great snake oil salesman? Is it a slick smile or just a great line of shit I want know.
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    his links are pretty good
  5. Is snake oil oil made from snakes? Or is it oil which you apply to snakes? Why would anyone wish to apply oil to a snake though, aren't they slippery enough as it is? And why, at the same time, would anyone wish to use oil made from a snake {shudders}. Is it an oil used for topical application, or is it used as a cooking oil? {shudders even more} Dear god, please don't tell me that is the oil they smother pizzas with at the local pizza joints. {shudders while suppressing the violent urge to regurgitate}
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    I used snake oil to plug up my nose when it bleed, work out well. It seem snake oil doesn't melted in hot weather, good question.
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    Waxie is good at marketing! the point I had to cancel the constant advertisements for his seminar!
    Does anyone make money from that Bald Man behind the curtain?
    Tiny occasionally makes a good call.
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    Snakes scare me and I'm a horrible salesman. If I didn't need the capital my system would not be public. Only been trading it since January. And yes the equity curve is nice so far.

    I can't help that it performed so well in the backtest. Does its future performance define whether I've got snake oil or not?
  9. post some real trades here and prove what you have. we can be convinced if its true.
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