Another shining example of hate talk radio...

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    Conor Friedersdorf at the American Scene transcribes the following exchange from Mark Levin's radio program yesterday afternoon:

    CALLER: I just wanna say, Obama is a lot smarter than you folks give him credit for. You guys were on a roll, I have to admit, with all those tea parties. Everything was rolling along, the Republicans were gaining momentum. And he managed to change your entire conversational focus. And you let those three hundred thousand people —

    LEVIN: My God. He’s so smart. His own party voted against him on Guantanamo Bay. How stupid was that, Cindy? His own party refused to fund the closing of Guantanamo Bay.

    CALLER. Yeah but you know he can just move those people over here anyway. He’s already doing it with the one guy.

    LEVIN: Yeah, sure, he can do whatever he wants. Let me ask you a question. Why do you hate this country?

    CALLER: No, I love this country.

    LEVIN: (angrily shouting) I SAID WHY DO YOU HATE MY COUNTRY?WHY DO YOU HATE MY CONSTITUTION? WHY DO YOU HATE MY DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE? You just said it. He can blow off Congress. He can do whatever he wants, right?

    CALLER: Well, he seems to, he just moved (inaudible).

    LEVIN: Answer me this, are you a married woman? Yes or no?

    CALLER: Yes.

    LEVIN: Well I don’t know why your husband doesn’t put a gun to his temple. Get the hell out of here.

    Conor gamely offers an intellectual rebuttal to Levin:

    The host is weirdly blind to the irony that he himself thinks a wartime president possesses the power to house detainees where he sees fit, at least if the President asserts that his chosen policy is needed to keep America safe. As we all know, President Obama thinks that Gitmo is a PR disaster that helps Al Qaeda recruit more terrorists, and therefore makes us less safe. So by the host’s own standard of executive power—not to mention Dick Cheney’s standard — President Obama possesses the inherent power to close Gitmo, what Congress says be damned.

    I'd offer a less sophisticated comment:

    Imagine some commuter - a nonpolitical person, a family man or woman, a taxpayer and billpayer - who happens to flip the dial on the radio on the way home and hears that exchange. What would such a person think? Wouldn't it be something like, "I dont know what's wrong with that horrible man, but I do know this: whatever side he's on, any decent person would have to be on the opposite"?
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    You and your frivolous posts are a complete waste of time.
    Please honor your green leaders Gore & Obama, save energy and turn off your computer ..forever.
  3. ...another shining example of the klannish who come to the defense of the hatred spewed daily on right wing talk radio...

  4. What is your reasoning behind these posts?

    Do you want negative attention from people who disagree with you?

    Do you think you actually have an audience of people who read your posts?

    What is your deal?
  5. You read my posts, and you send me PM's...

    ...and apparently you come to the defense of vile statements like the one made by Mark Levin on his hate filled talk radio show.

  6. First of all I don't care about Mark Levin.

    Tonight I did not read your post. Rather I saw the title and knew that it was the same tired old post of yours.

    My question is what is your motive and reasoning for posting this?

    The reason I ask is because in reality you are informing no one. The conservatives think liberals are evil. The liberals think conservatives are evil.

    You have been beating the same dead horse over and over and over.

    What do you seek here?
  7. "My question is what is your motive and reasoning for posting this?"

    None of your move along knowing you aren't going to be getting an answer...

  8. I just find it weird that you continue to make these same tired threads when each one ends exactly the same.

    You get about 2 liberals that say "Yah conservatives suck."

    Then you get about 2 conservatives that say "Stupid liberals."

    It's like having the same conversation every day for years.
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    OPTIONAL777, Until this thread I have stopped debating with you. Your arguments are petty and rhetorical to insanity.

    You are a complete waste of time. In fact the only valid words you post are when you copy & paste, except when it is a radio show phone conversation.

    So my role in the future is to attack your ET personality and to keep the focus on your smallness. I expect my intellectual friends of the right to join me.

    You are a cancer on ET.
  10. Good luck with your mission, at least now you actually have a purpose in life...

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