Another senseless asshole with a gun killing innocent people.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by constitutionman, Nov 8, 2018.

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  2. Another Whitey.
  3. I agree we need a better solution than we have now in the U.S.

    We have debated this in the past on ET -- arriving at no reasonable comprehensive solution that most people would support that would help prevent these tragedies.
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    Trump: If only that security guard had hired a security guard for himself. Then things might have turned out much better for him.
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    Which prescription drug / anti-depressant do you think he was taking?
    My guess is some SSRI...
  6. exGOPer


    You can literally walk out of a psychiatric hospital and into a gun store and answer NO to history of mental illness and walk out with a gun because of medical privacy laws.
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    Ironic in states with the most stringent gun control laws, California, Illinois, Michigan, shootings goes on week by week. How will any gun control work when the criminals and terrorists still have guns? Taking the guns from law abiding citizens removes their ability to defend themselves and their families! Of course, liberal media will never tell you of the numerous instances an armed good guy stopped an armed bad guy by killing him on the spot! They want to keep the narrative that guns kills people! Nope. Guns are made of steel and do not fire by themselves! Someone has to pull the trigger! And liberals in these states, voted to keep Democrats in power? I guess that is karma!
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    Maybe they should talk to Kobach. Ask him how he does what he does
  9. That is more reason to have stricter gun laws.
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    Inb4 let's get rid of laws punishing drinkers who carry
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