another selloff on a friday in the summer ?

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  1. whats going on ... it seems like most of the week things go higher

    and then they selloff on friday

    ( not just spoos ... )

    yes ... I know treasuries and the yen are higher today

    but this does not happen all the time

    ( look at last friday )

    and who is it that controls the order flow and keeps shoving buyers into buyers remorse on these days ?

  2. Market action has sucked lately. It's been unconvincing on the upside lately & now not convincing on downside so far today.

    Looks like profit-taking on recent gains of "defensive" issues.

    Might as well go to the beach.
  3. only BBT worth trading today

    everything else is shit thanks to obama who has destroyed capital formation, destroyed capitalism
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    get used this kind of volume.

    only thing in daytrading stocks a nicke or dime. and like 300 shares.

    that is the 'normal' if they ban high frequency trading automated trades and only real trades instead of 3 million volume you have like 300,000 per day

    most of the volume is intraday 'wash' volume

    market makers just making money on spreads and commissions hedgin. and you need lots of volume to make money on that

  5. gotta love those last hour ( or 30 minute )

    buy programs on a lazy summer friday afternoon

  6. ER9


    is it just me or have all the buying and selling rallies switched from end of day to open? seems like all the big moves the past couple of weeks have been at open. i'm not exactlly a seasoned trader so i dont understand if its seasonal, my imagination or whatever so forgive me....been a bit frustrating lately.
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    it's all in the stars, ER :D

    it's been bugging me too, as I tend to oversleep and start trading 5 mins after the big move finished.
  8. This week has crucified me, I trade opening orders and i am used to being able to take advantage of SOME sort of chop off the open, this whole week every day i was against the grain on monster straight up/down moves, where there is no chance to bail. It just keeps getting worse and worse and worse, that being said i made decent decisions most of the time, a couple times i was down over 7k and ditched when it came back to only down 2k, only to watch it get worse and worse every day.
  9. Many traders unwilling/unable to hold overnight will often miss the move which is initiated by manipulating the low vol futures after the close.That is a very old game nothing new there.Best to trade at the extremes of sup/res 990/1018. The market seems to be at a stalemate inbetween,with smart money short and the gov trying to manipulate it higher-that's my take.But in any case,might be worth waiting until one side blinks before making your move-doing nothing is a position sometimes.Depends on your trading style of course.
  10. Gotta say that trading a bear market is a lot more challenging than a bull.It's no coincidence that many of the so called gurus made their money in bull markets and now they write books and do seminars.There has been a late day rally syndrome for a long while.If you are going to be speculative,trade small or keep your stops tight-plenty of time to jump on the momentum when one side capitulates.
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