Another scam system from TradingMarkets

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  1. r-in


    I didn't check your link, but I assume its for the same spam I just checked in my email. I scrolled to the bottom for the $$$.......$11,000. ROFLMAO!!!!
  2. Thanks for the link, I just purchased this.
  3. EatShootLeave

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    Wow, the cripple is really getting greedy... wonder if the hedge fund has imploded yet.
  4. Do people actually buy that crap?
  5. who?

  6. mmm..... mmm.... heeeeeHAAAAHAHAAAAAA
  7. Theres also a $7500 day trading system that comes with condition:

    "Also, in order not to diminish the potential edge, only 100 traders (sorry, no hedge fund managers) will be allowed in."

    Nice they only want sell $750,000 worth of the crap, you cant call them greedy..
  8. Also gotta love how the curve has gone flat for the year in the attached illustration. Wonderful scam they must have, "run our systems till they are extinct and then offload them for comical prices".
  9. joe2700


    If you guys are so bitter why don't you just call TM and get some info on this product instead of sitting here and posting messages on a board. Fucking Losers.

    P.S - I actually bought some of TM's systems and I love them. I haven't bought the system talked about on this thread. They're the only company that I came across that actually gives a money back guarantee on their systems.
    #10     Nov 13, 2006