another right wing terrorist like tim mcveigh?

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  1. Michigan Cops: Army Vet Threatened Mosques At Bar, Found With Explosives Outside Islamic Center

    Stockham, a 63-year-old Army veteran from California who was reportedly angry at the U.S. government, was arrested by police in Michigan and charged with allegedly threatening to blow up a Mosque in Dearborn.

    Dearborn police allegedly found Stockham inside his vehicle outside the Islamic Center of America with a load of M-80s in his trunk and other explosives, the Detroit News reported.


    Late Update: Justin Elliot spoke with Walid, who told him that police told him they found Stockham with a concealed knife and that he heard that Stockham had praised Timothy McVeigh as a hero (though that could not be independently confirmed).
  2. Lucrum


    M80s are nothing but over sized firecrackers.

    So they caught a "terrorist" with a trunk full of fireworks huh?

    :D LOL Uh yeah I'm sure he's another Timothy Mcveigh, especially if you say so. What with you being so objective, unbiased and open minded and all.
  3. HAHA!! An old guy with fireworks in his trunk at a mosque is the same thing as a young guy with a u haul full of explosives at a federal building? LOL!

    Oh, and contrary to left wing fantasies Tim Mcveigh had no "racist" views.
  4. These guys are not Conservatives but Libertarians.
    Don't you claim Libertarian preferences.
  5. Ricter


    What does that mean, they're gold-standard right-wingers then?
  6. Hardly.
    Before you post anymore please learn how different Libertarians are from Conservatives or Republicans.
  7. Ricter


    He had a long history of being very angry with government. Sounds like a conservative to me. Maybe there's overlap?
  8. Conservatives love Federal government. We federalists at heart. From Alexander Hamilton to Lincoln. We are federalist. It traditionally has been Liberal-Democrats in Jefferson mode that were for more state rights.

    Conservatives also believe a very strict limited role of federal Government. Hold to the tenth amendment.
  9. Anger at government is issue specific.

    One common tune among the right the free reign of corporations at the expense of the working man.

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    We should just be thankful he didnt kill anyone like the far left liberal Jared Loughner did.
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