another right wing bible thumper bites the dust.

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    Sara Evans Granted Restraining Order Against Husband
    Divorce Suit Includes Allegations of Adultery, Pornography and Verbal
    In addition to accusing Schelske of adultery, Evans alleges he "frequently watches pornography" and maintains pornographic photos on his computers. According to the complaint, "There are at least 100 photographs of husband posing with his erect penis. There are several photographs showing the defendant having sex with other women."

    The complaint also includes a nine-page exhibit of postings temporarily stored on Schelske's computer from the "casual encounters" section of, an online advertising Web site. Evans' attorneys allege, "On his computers, husband maintains 'Craigs Lists.' Many of them involve requests for three-party sex and anal sex."
    Craig L. Schelske
    Craig Schelske is the Chairman of CRAIG PAC, a national political action committee dedicated to electing Republicans at the federal and state level.
    A lifelong Republican, Craig is assisting candidates and Republican organizations in raising money and preparing for the 2006 elections.
  2. Family values can include quite a lot.

  3. lol. the guy gets caught with his pants down and he thinks they are out to get him.

    Craig's Statement

    NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement
    of Craig Schelske, husband of Sara Evans:
    Sara and our three children are the most important people in my life. I
    have made the decision to forgive Sara for the unfortunate campaign that
    she and her publicity advisors are currently waging.
    I adamantly deny the allegations that are being made.
    As distressing as it is to have to communicate about this matter
    publicly, Sara has unfortunately become a dramatically different person
    over the last year and it is something we have struggled to deal with.
    Sadly, it appears we have failed.
    The best I can do at this difficult time is ask that people of faith
    would pray for her and for my family.
    My greatest concern is for my children and the irreparable harm they
    are at risk of facing. As such, I will have no further comment on this
    matter outside of a courtroom.
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    I doubt this will be filed as a no-fault divorce.

    The broad looks like a slut in her most recent videos ... I noticed that a while ago.

    One more argument against marriage ... i hope this story doesn't involve 16 year old interns so it can die a VERY FAST death. The cackling with glee is torturous ...
  5. Yep, it's the woman's fault. How typically Republican!

    "One more argument against marriage?" What happened to "family" values?
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    you aren't very bright, are you ....
  7. They are as non-existant in the repugniklans way of life as were Iraqi nuclear bombs. :D
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    I'll parse my own post, for your benefit, to demonstrate how to properly interpret it...

    I doubt this will be filed as a no-fault divorce.

    alluding to what a nasty, ugly, embarrassing, costly divorce this will be for all involved ...

    The broad looks like a slut in her most recent videos ... I noticed that a while ago.

    a while ago, for some reason, watching the video with the "bible thumper" dressed slutty struck me as especially odd. So, this current ugliness does not suprise me ..

    One more argument against marriage ... i hope this story doesn't involve 16 year old interns so it can die a VERY FAST death. The cackling with glee is torturous ...

    Obviously, I've been considering the pros and cons of marriage, and an ugly, embarrassing, costly, public divorce that slims all involved does not sweeten the deal. The Left "cackling with glee" while exploiting these people's misery is especially bothersome to behold.
  9. i dont think its glee as much as pointing out the errors in the face of people who proclaim that they have "truth' and their way of living is the only healthy way to live.
    what is it about white christian males that they so often fail in the sexual department? i think i know. from childhood christians are taught that sexual thoughts are dirty and you must repress them.

    There was a famous experiment in psychology in which the subjects were asked to suppress any thought of white bears while they verbalized their thought stream into a microphone. Later they were asked to try to think about white bears and again verbalize their thoughts. Those folks that had first suppressed the thoughts of white bears now experienced a rebound effect. When they were finally allowed to have white bear thoughts, they experienced thoughts about white bears in greater quantity and detail than those who had not first tried to suppress the thought of white bears.[1 ] The thoughts that were suppressed became stronger when they were finally allowed. This is the paradox of thought suppression. When we seek to suppress thoughts, those very thoughts can instead strengthen. So I am not sure that thought suppression is a good idea.
    How can suppressed thoughts grow stronger? Well, let's think how the thinking process works. Your mind is filled with facts and thoughts. Somehow, some of those facts and thoughts work their way up to the threshold of consciousness, ready for your conscious mind to use them. In the healthy mind, these thoughts proceed into the consciousness in an orderly fashion, with the mind allowing one thought at a time to enjoy a brief moment of fame before the next thought is ushered before the throne of consciousness.

    For thought suppression to work, one must maintain a list of forbidden thoughts. Otherwise one could spend 5 minutes contemplating what it would be like to make love to his neighbor, for instance, without realizing that this is a forbidden thought. So if the mind wants to suppress thoughts, it must maintain a forbidden-thought list.

    Not only must the mind maintain such a list; it must keep this list always close to the threshold of consciousness. Otherwise one could spend several minutes thinking a thought that his religion forbids, such as a doubt that Jesus really was God. And so the suppression response must be fast. Like the watchful eye of the censor of a live TV broadcast, who is ever ready to change the view if a boob suddenly appears on the screen, these policemen of the mind must keep a constant lookout for unwanted thoughts. Just like a football team that always finishes second and never reaches the Super Bowl--my beloved Eagles, for instance--the template for the suppressed thoughts must always be held near the top, just below the threshold of consciousness, allowing the thought police to know what to look for. And some studies indicate that such thoughts become etched into the mind deeper than thoughts that were not suppressed.

    1. Wegner, Daniel, et. al., "Paradoxical Effects of Thought Suppression," Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 53, 1987, pp. 5-12
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