Another "revenue enhancement" program

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    Fails the BS detector test. 6 year olds are not legally responsible. Neither are journalists, apparently.

    Cops can no more write a ticket for a 6 year old than they can for a cloud passing by.

    One wonders, do they also lock up the toddlers since they do not carry government ID and might be illegals?
  2. Except in Texas? here is Yahoo news,

    Now the parents get stress out, causing abuse in some fragile or unstable households. What has become of American schools?
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    NFW. They cannot do that, repeat cannot. If they are, that is even more ripe for court overturn than walking up to a black guy and writing a ticket for being black while walking in a white district after curfew.

    There's NFW.

    6 year olds - shit, many do not have SS#s and absolutely none known them. HTF you gonna determine ID?

    EDIT: Now if they were taking the little troublemakers home and writing a ticket for the parents, that works. A bit excessive, but legal. And yeah, 14 and 15 year olds have been charged, but only in rare cases. AFAIK, nobody has charged a freaken 6 year old.

    I mean, imagine a baby just 2 months old lying naked in public. Some copper gonna write him up for public indecency? Make him do hard time for showing his wiener? Good luck with that.
  4. Perhaps that is what they do, ticket the parents for not controlling their kids. Some alcoholic druggie parents may well end butchering their ADHD kid for the ticket.
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    That is not what the story reads which is why I call BS on it.