Another republican monkey governor of Texas...

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    September 19, 2009

    Perry on Recession: "We're in one?"
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), facing a tough primary challenge from Sen. Kay Baily Hutchison (R), left many puzzled when he declared his state was recession proof.

    Said Perry: "As a matter of fact ... someone had put a report out that the first state that's coming out of the recession is going to be the state of Texas ... I said, 'We're in one?'"

    Paul Burka of the Texas Monthly: "This gaffe is going to stick. It is going to be national news. It will come back to haunt him in a campaign spot. If Hutchison can't make something of it, the Democrats can. You cannot be callous and cavalier when people are losing their jobs and their homes. I don't care how ideological the Republican base is. Unemployment in Texas just reached the 8% mark. Everybody knows someone who is suffering in these times. Everybody has lost part of their life savings. It could cost him the race."

    Here's a video of Perry's remarks:

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  2. monkey president believes there are 57 states.

  3. So you equate someone who made a mistake, with someone who actually thinks Texas is not in a recession...


  4. How do you know it was a mistake?

  5. Because unlike the monkey republican governors of Texas, he didn't repeat the same mistake...


  6. Right..........He just quickly moves on to the next mistake, and the next, and the next...........
  7. Do you know if Texas is indeed in a recession or not?

    Quite possibly they are not.

  8. Rick Perry on one hand talks of the secessions of Texas and then he gladly holds out the other for TARP money. The guy could not be a bigger twat. But hey, that's what sells these days. And he's quite popular in Texas.
  9. Half wit monkey governor of Texas thinks a recession is a secession from the Union...
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