Another Republican icon switches side

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. For the fist time in history a Jew now owns the Tribune. What else would one expect......
  2. Let's not get into the anti -Semitic stuff. Jewish people have meant much to me in my life. It's a beautiful culture, and I've learned much from it. I know of many Jewish folks from Chicago who are on my side in fighting this corruption.

    Instead, let's just say, he's a Chicagoan, and a 'local ' newpaper chose to endorse him.

    Having said that, why any Jewish American would endorse him or vote for him flabbergasts me; Israel will have to attack Iran on its own to survive. This rookie will no way back Israel's right to survive. And don't give me some bullshit quote he said about Israel. Big difference, talkin' and doin'.

    The Jewish people deserve to survive and prosper. I can be sure McCain will do that.
  3. Jewish people support Obama over McCain by more than 2:1, less than 3:1. So, the connection noted by Pa(b)st has some relevance. However, this level of support is not consistent with the statement "For the fist (sic) time in history a Jew now owns the Tribune. What else would one expect......" - a statement which could only be made by someone who habitually views the world in black OR white terms.
  4. Israel deserves to survive albeit with concessions to those it stole land from.

    The socialist media/entertainment/academia elites-whether Jewish, secular Protestant or Catholic-deserve to die in ovens. They're as viable an economic/moral enemy to my family and me as the Taliban......
  5. Let me guess - 'the Conservative elite deserve to feast upon their roasted carcasses'??