Another reason to like Ron Paul

Discussion in 'Politics' started by indahook, Jun 22, 2007.


    "I’ve introduced legislation that would amend the Constitution and end automatic birthright citizenship. The 14th amendment was ratified in 1868, on the heels of the Civil War. The country, especially the western territories, was wide open and ripe for homesteading. There was no welfare state to exploit, and the modern problems associated with immigration could not have been imagined."
  2. On that statement alone, he or any other politician who would even say that, has my vote . . .
  3. At the very least, this will hold the front runners feet to the fire. A no vote to anyone that supports amnesty in any way, shape or form. This issue alone determines my support for a candidate. It is the single biggest threat to our country!!
  4. Damn straight. I hope the other candidates are forced to take a position on this issue. Let them explain why it's a good idea to reward lawbreakers with citizenship for their children, and stick the taxpayers with the bill.

    These candidates have been allowed to dance around the immigration issue too much. It's way too easy for a Romney or Guiliani to cherry pick a piece of the bill and say they oppose that. Let them say if they are for or against the bill, and what their own proposal is.