another reason IB is the pits

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  1. ever since ib burst on the scene, I have had (and communicated) the unshakeable sense that it's a scam at worst, a comedy of errors with a cast of arrogants and incompetents at best.
    and years, later, they're still proving me right.
    and finally, whoever shills for them on the yahoo IB messageboards under the name richard l king is a complete [previous expletive deleted] bozo.

    but then again, if i was as married to them as he appears to be, I might be, too.

    tt was far more responsive and workable then this crap.

  2. Another happy customer! LOL
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    What makes things worse; IB has 8 years of history of constant growth of number of customers, their capital, and executions. We did not miss even one quarter since 1999. It definitely proves that the whole World of traders is crazy.
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    absolutely the wrong reply you should be giving a customer...hence the "arrogant" statement in his post. If i was your supervisor i'd give you 10 lashes ...
  5. and I am a happy customer, with that said I will be called a shill because of it!

    No brokerage company is perfect!
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    What makes you believe he is our customer? It is impossible if you trust his statements.
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    If he isn't , then id just give you 5 lashes....:p
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    OK, I deserve it. It was just so irresistible to write an answer to this nutcase. Oops, I deserve 10 more :D
  9. Richard King helps tons of users, all for free, and also moderates the Yahoo Groups TWS API user group. He never claims IB is perfect, and I'd guess all IB customers have been bit by one of their bugs (or the many many undocumented enhancements). I've received hundreds of messages from him as a group subscriber and I've never heard him once shill for IB.

    I'm sure this makes me a shill for IB as well (search some of my posts and you'll find this is definitely not true). IB is by no means perfect, or even close to perfect, but with proper precautions most major problems can be avoided (or worked around) and in the meantime you can do well in your trading.

    My automated systems are making more money with IB than with full automation at tradestation and that wouldn't be possible without IB.

    Take your complaints and shove 'em! :D :D
  10. How about:

    I am sorry to hear you are un-satisfied. What can we do to make you change your mind?

    I am not a IB customer, but thats what I would want to hear from you if I was. And to top it off you call your customer base "crazy".
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