Another Racist Democrat Turns Up

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  1. Another Racist Democrat Turns Up
    Saturday, July 31, 2010
    By Warner Todd Huston

    The left’s narrative is that it is the right that is filled with racists. The Old Media helps the left further this fiction. Occasionally, though, we do get hints of the left’s racism in the Old Media and today we have one example in New York where the campaign of a sitting Democrat congressman outed a list of 80 Jewish campaign contributors of his opponent, a Republican.

    New York’s 13th District Congressman Mike McMahon fired his communications director this weekend after she published a list of 80 Jews that donated to Republican opponent Mike Grimm. The McMahon campaign denies it, of course, but the veiled implication — or maybe not so veiled — is that the Republican is dirty with “Jewish money.”

    “This is a United States congressman that’s segregating people out by their religion,” Republican Mike Grimm told reporters.

    McMahon’s fired Communications Director, Jennifer Nelson, didn’t help matters for the Democrat by saying, “There is a lot of Jewish money, a lot of money from people in Florida and Manhattan, retirees.”

    McMahon dutifully claimed that he was “outraged” by his own staffer’s racist campaign scheme, but that isn’t enough for Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matthew Brooks.

    Plainly this Democrat effort plays into the negative stereotype of Jewish “money men” and reinforces that racist meme. Clearly that is what the Democrat in New York was trying to foster. A suspicion that his Republican opponent was getting tainted money and support from undesirables.

    But historically this is the Democrat Party writ large. Despite its more modern cover story, the Democrats are the Party of slavery, the KKK, Japanese interment, Jim Crow and as the Democrats go increasingly Euro-leftist in ideology they are logically associated with some of the most murderous regimes in history. Stalin, Mao, even the National Socialist Party of WWII Germany, all leftist abominations.

    So as anti-semitism grows in Europe and on the American left it is a bit precious of Democrats to claim they are “shocked” and “outraged” by what McMahon Communications Director Nelson did here. Isn’t it?
  2. I know you guys are desperate to label the 'left' as racist but FYI, 'Jewish' is not a race. I think the author meant to write 'anti-semitic' but chose to do a Breitfart spin.
  3. Will you un-spin it for us and tell us why the dems needed to to create the list comprised of only Jews?