Another Racial Killing- AK Silent.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OccupyThis, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. AK is just pissed that we've noticed that he spends 24/7 posting the same regurgitated garbage ad nauseum. His claim that he actually does something other than post on ET is ridiculous considering the post count and the content.

    There isn't anybody in the same league as this clown with his all things Obama shilling.
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  2. Do you ever post about politics ? Seems your here reading AK's post 24/7 :confused:
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  3. I suggest you pay attention to piss poors anti Obama threads and posts for a few days :)
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  4. Lucrum


    He undoubtedly clings to his full size anatomically correct Obama doll as he types his non stop hooray for BO cheers.
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  5. I'm sure you are quite familiar with that setup coming from that southern trailer park.My guess is that's what your dad was sleeping on when you woke him up and he beat your ass with a 2x4
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  6. Lucrum


    It was a kitchen cutting board dumb ass. Can you remember that?
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  7. My mistake
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