Another Racial Killing- AK Silent.

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  1. Notice how AK couldn't give a fuck about these cases?

    He's as a phony as they cum.
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  2. I have a Navy friend who says if a pilot crashes a plane he gets a second chance if he has a good record,2 crashes he's done(Unless his dad and Grand dad are admirals)

    I'm not harping on the wrong thing,this was started in a thread about Obama vs McCain.I said for McCain to keep crashing planes and then fly below recommended altitudes speaks for his judgement and inability to learn from his previous mistakes. If a person repeatedly makes bad judgment calls and don't learn from their mistakes I don't want them in The White House
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    Well now I know you're a full of shit hypocrite. Because poor judgment and refusing to learn from mistakes is ALL Obama has going for him.
    And you're cheer leading for him daily.
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  5. And you're a fucking idiot who hasn't learned from his mistakes.After what the last 3 Republican Presidents did to this country your dumb ass is ready to put another one in office
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  6. Hey, dipshit, what about this?

    13 people were shot in Chicago last night.
    2 were killed.
    The assailants wore hoodies in one of the attacks and were from Bobby Rush’s district.
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  7. How many of these were white on white? Just curious.
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    ABO welfare queen, ABO!
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  9. I'll quote it in case the welfare queen has you on ignore.
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    The only thing IQ47 is ignoring is reality.
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