Another Racial Killing- AK Silent.

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    The quote, not mine, stated flying at high altitude above SAM's was suicidal, not just A-4's.

    As usual you're going to repeat trivial numbers you only know from Google to begin with as an excuse to avoid admitting you're wrong.
    It's your modus operandi.
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  2. This discussion was about A-4's because that's the plane McCain was flying.You got your ass handed to you when I pointed out McCain crashed 3 other planes and was flying below the recommended altitude when he was shot down. You then tried to use a plane more venerable to getting shot down to excuse McCains incompetence and reckless flying history

    Your next argument is McCain's history of incompetence and crashing 3 other planes didn't matter because the mission was suicidal because of SAMS,even though only 32 A 4s were shot down by SAMs during the entire Vietnam war

    Just admit you're wrong,not much of an historian and move on
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  3. So you post a quote to support your argument then try to disown it after it being pointed out to you that SAMS only took out 32 A-4's during the entire war LOL !!!
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    No moron, I was just pointing out that the quote was not limited to A-4's as you assumed. Learn to read, you won't look so ignorant.
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  5. This entire discussion is based on A-4 s because that's the plane McCain was flying and that's what the discussion was about

    B 52s nor any other plane needed to be added to the discussion because McCain wasn't flying a B 52

    You only added other planes more venerable to getting shot down to defend McCains reckless fight history and crashing 3 other planes
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  6. The 6 blacks should be freed and allowed to convert to Islam.

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    YOU claimed he was shot down solely because he was too low. I merely pointed out that if anything being at high altitude makes one more vulnerable to SAM's.

    Now you're making stupid assumptions to avoid admitting you're full of shit. Military pilots crash airplanes fairly often, especially during war time operations and most particularly during carrier operations.

    Case in point: of the 100 A-7's lost during the war only 55 were lost in combat.
    Out of 118 F-8's lost during the war only 57 were lost in combat.
    F-4, 138 lost during the war only 75 lost in combat.

    Studies done during the war showed that a pilots heart rate was higher during a night landing on a carrier than during combat while getting shot at.

    You harping on his three crashes just makes you look stupid.
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  8. 1.I mentioned his flight history of 3 crashes and reputation of being an air maverick as well

    2.You say being at higher altitude made him more vulnerable but the members of his squadron disagrees

    Three months later, McCain was on his 23rd bombing mission over North Vietnam when a surface-to-air missile struck his A-4 attack jet. He was flying 3,000 feet above Hanoi.

    A then-secret report issued in 1967 by McCain's squadron said the aviators had learned to stay at an altitude of 4,000 to 10,000 feet in heavy surface-to-air missile environments and look for approaching missiles.
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  9. So its common for 1 pilot to have a record of 3 crashes and being shot down ?
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    I couldn't say and won't blindly speculate. But I do know losing military aircraft (crashes) is common place enough during peace time let alone during war time and even more so on carriers.

    I used to fly with a former Navy pilot who had ditched in the ocean, for lack of fuel. He was a top notch "stick" as we say. (he was also a jackass)

    You're harping on the wrong thing about McCain and you don't have the back bone to either admit it or just STFU.

    Of all things to complain about with McCain I don't understand why you insist on continuing to look stupid with this one.
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