Another Racial Killing- AK Silent.

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    And what exactly is your opinion based on? You're arguing with a pilot and history buff on something you know absolutely NOTHING about.
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    Most of my flying has been in corporate jets. The most fun plane I've flown was a Pitts S2 I did aerobatics training in years ago.
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  3. I am basing my opinions on facts.It is a fact that only 32 A-4's were lost to SAMS in Vietnam

    You're not much of an historian making the claim that flying A4's above SAMS was a suicide mission when only 32 were shot down by SAMS
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    It seems IQ-47 is a jack of all trades and a master of none. :eek:
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    So IOW you either refuse to admit or are too stupid to realize you don't know what you're talking about.

    Where I have seen this behavior before?
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  6. Obviously your too fucking stupid to realize you don't know what the fuck you are talking about

    "A total of 32 A-4s were lost to surface-to-air missiles (SAMs)"

    Only a dumb fuck like you would argue A4's flying above SAMS to be a suicide mission when only 32 were shot down by SAMS during the entire Vietnam war
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  7. How the hell does a thread on racial killings go to aircraft losses in Viet Nam? :D Gotta love the P&R.
    Anyway, here's all the stat's:
    BTW, B-52's aren't very vunerable to ground fire when flying at altitude, but then do have to take off and land like every other plane, and are very vunerable at those times. So are C-141's, which I came in on. Yikes! Welcome to the shit!

    My gang, not the VFW Post, but 4/11.
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    Lucrum his a long history of taking threads off topic with trolling,insults ,and making posts that has nothing to do with the thread topic
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    Like you did with the Trayvon thread? What hypocritical little weasel you are.
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