Another Racial Killing- AK Silent.

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  2. BTW,do you know the difference between threads and posts ?

    Can you count because I don't have anywhere near several hundred posts on the other case and I have certainly not made several hundred threads
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  4. Lucrum


    Say that reminds me, what about all those B-52's shot down over N Vietnam from high altitude because they were "flying too low"?
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  5. My guess would be B-52's didn't have the same speed and maneuverability as fighter jets and are more vulnerable to getting shot down.

    If the B 52 pilot crashed 3 other planes you might have to look at him
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  6. Lucrum


    The A-4's max speed is only 25 KTS faster than the B-52. The B-52 can fly 8,000 higher than the A-4.

    "...By the early 1960s, deployments of SAMs had rendered high-speed high-altitude flight in combat practically suicidal..."
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  7. Only 32 A -4s were lost to SAMs in Vietnam .A pilot with a history of reckless flying ,crashing 3 other planes and flying below the recommended altitude would increase the chance of an A-4 being shot down by a SAM imo

    "A total of 32 A-4s were lost to surface-to-air missiles (SAMs)"
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  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    Just out of curiosity whats the coolest plane you have ever flown? Have you ever taken something out and just bagged the shit out of it? Always wanted to go on one of those planes you see in those redbull aerial competitions where they fly through the course.

    I had thought about joining the air force out of highschool, but given the fact that Canada only has like 3 planes in the entire airforce, the odds i ever would have gotten to fly a military jet were slim to none.

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  9. If you got money, you can fly a mig-29. For $15,000 you get a 45 minute flight to the edge of space at around mach 2.5. The cool part is when you break 60k feet and the sky turns from blue to black.
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  10. Max E.

    Max E.

    Do those things have a stick so you can control it from the back? I went up in a little puddle jumper with a guy where they had the steering wheels in both seats, and he let me take the wheel for a couple seconds and just told me not to do anything drastic..... it was quite the power trip..... It would be cool if they let you take control for a pit.... Not sure i could justify spending 15k on it though, unless i became filthy rich....

    I always wanted to go on one of those flights where they take you up in a padded room, and then they drop real quickly to simulate zero gravity for a few seconds,,,,, Do you know how much those flights cost?

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