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  1. Over the weekend I visited one of my friends and as a result had an extended one on one with his computer which was connected to 30" monitor. To say I was blown away was an understatement. The clarity was amazing and for the first time in a long time my eyes were not tired after couple of hours of usage. My question is:

    1. How much would I have to spend to get a good quality 22" monitor. I do not want something like a cheapo Acer or Hans this or that. I am interesting in a high quality screen only.

    Any suggestions??? :confused:
  2. Tums


    22" is not a good size.
    it has the same resolution as a 20"

    I would go for a 20", or 24", but not 22"
  3. What would you recommend in 20" department and 24" department?
  4. there's always option to get ultrasharp LCD's. 22" are best value on dollar basis. 20" and 22" are pretty much the same price but 24" cost a bit more. you can get 22" lcd from acer for 170.
  5. i ordered a dell 24in yesterday for 299 free shipping.
  6. I want something that has the better screen (not TFT).I did not know the difference was so great until I sat in front of Apple's 30 incher. All I can say is wow while my eyes are saying Thank you.

    Still searching..... for a deal. :D
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    They're all TFT... what you apparently don't want is "TN"...

    Even most of the 24" have gone to TN panels.. a few exceptions are models from HP, NEC, Eizo, Hazro, Benq, Dell. The lowest priced one is the HP... about $600.
  8. What is Apple 30" panel made of and it terms of quality what is comparable?
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