Another Potential Reversal on This Dog..Mon/Tues

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gold_Ric, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. Gold_Ric


    No Pun intended you Dog Lovers!! But I look at the next potential resistance on..

    PETM to go Short..

    This Toppy player can start to see the first real pullbacks if support is broken .

    I see to range (Protective Stop) area near 19.25-60 levels. Its due for a pullback although many times stocks like this retest resistance levels.

    Through 16.50 I want to see longs profit take causing continued Slide. Good Luck

    PETM 17.89 -0.67 -3.61% 1.29M 16:01 Bid/Ask(17.82-17.89) Day Lo-Hi(17.79-18.50) Yr Lo-Hi(6.65-19.05)

    PETM: Short: 1.68M (1.25%), Float: 134.2M, AvgVol: 1.50M
    PETM Float: 134.2M
    PETM P/E Ratio: 30.63
  2. stockman

    stockman Guest

    Hey Gold Ric,

    Welcome back!! Remember how you got kicked off the boards last time? Well, it was pretty fun to watch. Hope you can do it again.

  3. Gold_Ric


    Naa I left Son..But it was fun watching the market Tank with the post I made, I sure hope you got involved in some of them.

    Lets see if we have some real Traders This Time!