Another Ponzi guy gets busted

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    Don't these guys have an escape plan or something???

    GOP Fundraiser Busted for Ponzi Scheme

    "A prominent GOP fundraiser was charged Wednesday with defrauding 5,000 investors of more than $200 million through a Ponzi scheme. Timothy Durham took $54 million for himself, using it to build a 45-car garage at his Indianapolis house and to keep a four-bedroom yacht in Miami. Durham gave more than $800,000 to the GOP and candidates in Indiana, including $200,000 to Indiana governor and 2012 presidential hopeful Mitch Daniels."
  2. Link please.
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    Hey, here's another massive ponzi scheme. That is Democrat unions forcing their members to pay dues to support Democrat political candidates. But that scheme started even before Charles Ponzi made his name. :D
  4. Someone should do some real investigative journalism of a sample of these type of investment scams. The actual mechanics behind transferring the cash around, pulling the money out, filing false tax returns, etc, etc...I'm more than a bit curious about the "enablers" of this type of fraud since it's crystal clear that these scams continue for years upon years and the perps just become ever the more brazen in their fleecing.
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  7. If the investors in the fund/scheme are wealthy Republicans, was a "crime" really committed? :confused: :D
  8. are you going to be ok? They report the facts and you seem to think they've got some kind of agenda. If you're going to cry about this stuff and have your feelings hurt, maybe you should tell Timothy to play the honesty card next time. You have a pretty warped mind if you're going to blame the NYT for doing their job.
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    The reason I didn't provide a link was because I expected an asshole like rc2888 bitching about the source, when it was simply facts....
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