Another Petition to Lobby Congress Against a Transaction Tax

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    The likelihood is still low, but the momentum is gathering in Congress to pass a 0.25% transaction tax. It is now being sold as a "jobs bill", with half the revenues being put into a "job creation bank" (aka a slush fund to help all our supporters).

    Although this link was already posted on page 471 of a previous thread ( I feel it necessary to give this one it's own thread.

    Please click on the link, sign the petition, and have the emails sent to your local congressmen. Also, it doesn't hurt to contact the authors of the bill, Congressman deFazio (D-OR) and Perlmutter (D-CO), to express your concerns:

    Maybe at the very least we can get an exemption for retail traders. Ideally we'll be able to squash this thing before it even comes to the floor.
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