Another one-unit incremental trade size Retail Spot Forex Broker

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by ElectricSavant, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. I think this is another one-unit increment Retail Spot Forex Broker. I did not know that Oanda had competition?

    I would not like to use them though, as I do not like a Phoneless broker from Switzerland holding my money...

    It was really weird too, when I went to the Interest payment section, they only speak of interest carry COSTS, without reference to INTEREST EARNED! Do they keep it?

    I wonder what their spreads are? Maybe they are buried somewhere in their site...I wonder what their charts look like?

    Any users here?

    One interesting benefit, they have an "in platform" live chat...which is kinda nice...

    Michael B.
  2. I have no idea...
  4. fhr999


    I checked and this company is by no means a swiss company
    I checked their address as i have my office a few blocks away
    and this is a small business center.No plate nothing.
    Beware strange business

    They don't talk about the overnight "swap" they talk about the cost of carrying an overnight trade...

    Too bad these guys are catering to the sucker crowd, Oanda, as good as they are, could do with some healthy competition to get the spreads even tighter!
  6. phildunn


    I am happy trading with them,already joined few months ago,so far so good. They implement zero-interest policy right now which means no interest charged/paid. :)
  7. What about their spreads ?
  8. skepticaltrader

    skepticaltrader Guest

    It seems as though everytime you look around there is another Forex broker popping up somewhere.

    Maybe I should start my own Forex brokerage

  9. Hey you could call it skepticaldeal :)

    by brokerage is named, Savantex

  10. phildunn


    3-5 pips for majors. :)
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