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Discussion in 'Options' started by daveyc, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. daveyc


    i've come to the end of my option trading 'career' and the fantasy of making it. the downturn in the market and the latest extreme volatility move has taken its toll on me mentally and physically.

    i've tried all the popular strategies and 'out of the box' type trades and have had some nice string of winners but the losers come and take all and then a lot more. i've even taken courses that stress safety but there is nothing that can keep you safe from being on the wrong side of the trade but just know that they have been disingenuous in the way they have managed and expresssed their trades. I don't know why that surprises me but it does and i would rather not elaborate.

    good luck all.

    dave c
  2. A post I hope I never have to make.

  3. tsaw


    Most sad to hear that you have withdraw from the trading world .

    Hope its just tactical retreat.

    Its a waste of your hard learn experience and expertise if you really never trade again -
  4. There's always sports betting and online poker. Try them next.

    God bless USA and Israel.
  5. I have quit 3 times but have always come back for more punishment.

    The people who sell you trades are in the business of pretending to have a successful system so they can sell you memberships and from my experience they all fake it to one degree or another.

    If they could really make a successful profit with any reliability they would be doing that instead of trying to sell memberships in their phoney advisories.
  6. Just to be a devi's advocate, they can be trading and selling memberships, but probably only engaged in the latter.
  7. Occam


    Hmm...probably a far greater waste of his time/money if he continues.

    If one's strategy relies mostly on "trading courses", my guess is that their chance of success is virtually 0. Anything as simple as what can be taught commercially is easily coded and/or arbed out by the most basic of pattern matching algorithms. And if the instructor were really good, why would he/she be selling a course, rather than just starting a hedge fund? It makes no sense whatsoever -- caveat emptor.
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    Wow, tough post. Takes guts to post something like that in public - I would just vanish into history unnoticed . .
  9. I lost $2 million 2 years ago. But I have made it back and some since then, just trading 3 hours a day.

    Buy pullbacks and you will be alright. Also, use stop losses.
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