Another one bites the dust.....FDIC takes over 1st National Bank of Nevada, First Her

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  1. FDIC takes over 1st National Bank of Nevada, First Heritage Bank

    $100 .. on 16 banks by the end of this mess!

    lets get the bets going!
  2. First Heritage Bank, NA, Newport Beach, CA


    Two banks in one day. I guess WM is next week!!!
  3. Jp Morgan will buy out WAMU $6 - 8 bucks/share!!!

    Mark this!
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  5. Why not $5 or $2?
  6. "Global (wealth transfer) Games 2008" continue!!! :D

  7. Between 1981 and 1991 well over 100 banks per year failed and between 87 and 91 the number was north of 250 each year.

    I presume your no expert on this sort of stuff, huh?
  8. A whole 16 banks?????? Kiss your $100 good bye.
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    There is something I dont understand about this. why is it that other banks are acquiring deposits? as far as I know deposits are liabilites on the balance sheet and if they are not matched by good assets then thats no good

  10. Yip WM is next weekend. FDIC only have a enough free staff to close two banks at a time. But they are becoming experts at it though.
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