Another one...(awww).

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Dec 6, 2001.

  1. Send me a private email if you like, we have an office in Minneapolis and offer proprietary remote trading. (800,249,7488)
    #21     Dec 11, 2001
  2. ETG and Bright have offices among the lakes.
    #22     Dec 11, 2001
  3. The one where Limitdown responded with his "shameless self promotion" comment? It seems to have vanished. :)
    #23     Dec 12, 2001
  4. Not sure which one of my "shameless self promotion" posts you are referring to, and there are so many to choose from. :)
    #24     Dec 13, 2001
  5. That was truly a funny post .....

    I was talking about the one when you were "whining" because the guy wanted to visit RTHARP's office and you wanted in in the action. Personally I'd rather come to Vegas over Pheonix!
    #25     Dec 13, 2001
  6. Turok


    >Personally I'd rather come to Vegas over Pheonix!

    Yeah Don, I want a ride in Bugsy's car.


    #26     Dec 13, 2001
  7. Heck, maybe I'll come watch Mr. Tharp trade, I was so bored today that I found myself re-programming my spreadsheets (and, let me tell you, that means I am really bored).

    Phoenix, Vegas, it's all the same...we may want to get Bugsy's car back on the road for the Summer. Any good car people out there that want to get a 1933 Packard Limo back on the road?? It ran fine, but then we garaged it for about 7 years....

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  8. xcowboy


    It seems as if firms are going to have to charge 1/2 cents to 1 cents just to allow scalping methods to have a chance with decimalization...Does anybody here know anything about and SL4???looks like decent rates..:confused:
    #28     Dec 16, 2001
  9. Jackal


    Keep scrolling.... a penny or 1/2 penny PLUS charges for the route of your trade...NYSE is + 1.25 a share...

    ECHO and Bright charge a penny total....not 2.25 a share.
    #29     Dec 16, 2001
  10. xcowboy


    In your opinion...who offers the best rate/technology combination for scalpers?
    #30     Dec 16, 2001