Another one...(awww).

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Dec 6, 2001.

  1. Dattrader I take no offense. This firm fits me to a T.

    I offered it before on the Professional vs retail thread. Anyone who wants to see what I do, office setup, computer setup, types of executions is invited to pay a visit and watch me for a few hours.
    I have yet to have anyone take me up on it.

    What fits one trader won't always fit another.

    Robert Tharp
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  2. Sorry missed your post. I'll mess around with it and see if I can get it figured out then post something. I think it should be fairly easy.
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  3. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    It seemed like that software looked familiar... TheWatcher under windows:eek:

    But one of the main advantages of the watcher was being able to see how MM's executed other Watcher customer orders. So, the question is, are these guys tied in the same way and do they get to see that also?
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  4. Turok


    >Well I have to say that my opinion of IB may
    >be out of date then. I tried them well over a
    >year ago now and their hot keys were not
    >great and I had reliability issues.

    I believe you and I don't think you were alone. I came to IB just after that and from all I can tell they have done some pretty good work on the improvement side. I just glad I'm with them now and not then.

    >If your executions are that fast than I admit
    >there is likely not much difference. BUt it would
    >still be fun to try the AMAT experience anyway

    I'm as interested and game as you. I always like knowledge.

    >Another issue may the the flexibility to change
    >on the the market moves away so you
    >have to revise the order entry strategy, direct
    >it to another ECN that is there and gone in the
    >blink of an eye, etc.

    Of course I'm not familiar with your platform, but compared to Realtick in the above regard, IB is heaven. With just the flick of a finger I can keep an order floating nicely outside the market on AMAT just in case I get that lucky strike and then ease it in when I'm more serious about the exit.

    >Also, I can send out multiple orders and
    >the system will auto cancel the rest after
    >I get a fill.

    Again, don't know your implementation but IB has that as well.

    >I often throw out a SOES market (in a fast market)
    >and then use my ECN hot keys to pick off ECN volume
    >as it appears. THen if I get my whole order filled that
    >way, the SOES order is auto cancelled.

    Sounds like a quite useful implementation.

    >Lastly, ECN volume for 7 out of 9 ecns is aggragated
    >into one total mass of liquidity that sits above the
    >bid/offer (sort of like super montage will be),

    I like it.

    >and since it comes from direct lines, it appears a
    >second before the volume hits the Naz L2 quote,
    >and often I get volume that never appears on the
    >Real Tick guy's screen (unless he is integrating the >island/archip/redibook quote within the L2 box).

    Yes, but since an astute trader most assuredly knows that the direct ECN book quotes appear faster than the Naz ECN quotes they all HAVE the books integrated (when scalping at least...there is little value in this when swing trading) What I like about your implementation is the aggregation of the direct data...sounds nice

    >Gotta run out to dinner...but I enjoy these posts!

    Hope you enjoyed it. I've enjoyed the exchange.

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  5. great to hear positive comments on another means of trading. is this exclusive for professional or (sophisticated) retail investors/traders only?

    Also, is the jealousy of the other traders that obvious, just to me (based on the comments) or to others?

    Sheesh, what does a new firm have to do to get approval?
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  6. Bob777



    I'll take you up on your offer. Maybe next Friday I'll stop by.

    Does Echo offer futures trading?

    #16     Dec 7, 2001
  7. just send me an email Bob.

    On futures no but my firm plans on being on the front lines when single stock futures come around
    #17     Dec 7, 2001
  8. Don B....

    hey, even you said you wouldn't do that .....
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  9. Magna

    Magna Administrator


    It's like asking a tiger to change it's stripes...
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  10. ericdh


    Looking for a good prop firm in Minnesota or remote trade. Any one have any suggestions. I am in the process of getting the licenses. Have gotten a lot of good info on these threads on a few, just wondering if others.
    #20     Dec 10, 2001