Another Obama appointment running into legal trouble

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  1. President Obama stands by auto czar Steven Rattner, probed in state pension fund kickback scandal
    BY Glenn Blain

    Saturday, April 18th 2009, 5:47 AM

    ALBANY - The Obama administration gave a vote of confidence to its embattled car czar Friday despite his involvement in a kickback scandal at the state pension fund.

    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama has faith in Manhattan exec Steven Rattner's leadership of the auto industry task force and doesn't think the controversy will hurt efforts to rescue carmakers.

    Gibbs noted that Rattner is not accused of any wrongdoing and unlikely to face criminal charges.

    "A pending investigation was something that he brought up to us," Gibbs told reporters aboard Air Force One.

    Still, David Cole, head of the nonprofit Center for Automotive Research, said the controversy could hurt talks with automakers and unions.

    "It is a distraction," Cole said.

    In February, the Daily News reported that Rattner was linked to the pay-for-play investigation involving the pension fund and former Controller Alan Hevesi.

    Last month, The News reported that a firm tied to Rattner distributed a DVD of a movie produced by the brother of a Hevesi aide.

    A Securities and Exchange Commission complaint says an executive with Rattner's Quadrangle Group paid $1 million to get more than $100 million in pension business. Sources identified the executive as Rattner.

    The complaint is part of a probe by the SEC and state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. It has led to the indictments of Hevesi's top political consultant, the fund's investment officer and ex- Liberal Party boss Ray Harding.

    A spokesman for the SEC declined comment. Rattner did not return calls for comment.
  2. More change we can believe in.
  3. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama has faith in Manhattan exec Steven Rattner

    The problem is "we don't" have faith in him. This is an on going problem till Obama loses credibility.
  4. It'll take a toll at some point.

    While we could all laugh at the silly duplicity of conservative Congressmen becoming involved in the occasional sex scandal, the unparalleled pattern of Obama appointees with legal, ethical and tax problems is troubling.

    Who could have guessed three months ago that Ted Stevens would be proven an innocent man while Bill Richardson awaits possible indictment?

    Or that the Treasury Secretary would have under stated his reported income.

    Or that Tom Daschle the former Senate Majority leader-would be derailed from the Obama cabinet for taxes. Big time abuse. Along with Nancy Killefer too.

    Or those who said thanks but no thanks to positions in the Obama Church of Change. Susan F. Tierney, Jane Garvey and of course Judd Gregg.

    Grim start.
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    Don't ya like the way the article refers to this thing?
    It's a "<i>distraction</I>". These kinds of things are known as <b>scandals</b> during a republican administration.
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    Sorry but a scandal is a bogus 3 trillion dollar war,katrina,a deregulated market policy that leads to the biggest banking,housing collapse and bailout in the nations history,an admin that spies on its own citizens(wiretaps,library and video store record searches).
    Nanny gate and underreporting taxes is what compared to the last 8yrs?
  7. Are you white? Because if so you're the stupidest white fuck this side of that Publix guy.

    The "deregulation:"was SIGNED BY CLINTON.

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    oh yes the color issue...if its not anti-jewish rants, its skin color...

    Anyway moron,if you are talking about clinton signing off on the repeal of the steagall and the phil gram garbage,he had no choice because it was veto proof by the republican majority.You IDIOT.
  9. That "publix" guy is way brighter than you think.

    How is that you amassed over 5000 posts while your registration date is only a month ahead of mine?
  10. "No choice"? LMFAO. Who was Clinton's Treasury Sec?
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