Another nice dose of rejection

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  1. They snubbed Chicago and eliminated it after the world's savior made such a huge push for it. Chicago should have gotten it after the sacrifice the Obamas made.
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    Obama's worldview is rejected by the world again.

    This guy is naive and dangerous.

    If you think about the whole liberal view that if we were only nicer, the world would love us is getting a cold dose of reality.

    The world respects strength and power.
    Its time Obama and the crazy libs wake up.

    Obama and Oprah was that supposed to be a joke?
  3. Now we know what the world truly thinks abt OBAMA.
  4. Picking a city that gave more cash to the corrupt IOC is a "worldview is rejected by the world again."

    Put down the crack pipe...

    Bush remains the most hated president of the USA by the world by an overwhelming margin...

  5. don't be silly... the IOC rejected the failed policies of the Bush Administration.

    it's obvious

    The President and Oprah.. did all they possibly could do.

  6. If thats true then why did Obama go? LOL.
  7. Why not give it a shot?

    It is a negotiation, the IOC is a corrupt organization (Or didn't you know that) and someone else bid more, or offered more hookers to the IOC folks...

    Chicago offered their pasty white skanky trailer trash hoes and no bribes, and the Brazillians offered their gorgeous hoes...and lots of bribes.

    Chicago offered their pasty white skanky hoes, and the Brazillians offered their gorgeous hoes...

  8. Because he was "naive" to the corruption that exists at the IOC.
  9. Perhaps, or perhaps we are too broke to pay the money or engineer the bribes that are made by the corporate sponsors...

    Look, it would have been a PR nightmare for Obama and Oprah if they had not even tried...

    The right wing ET trash would have been whining like stuck pigs if Obama did not go over there...and we didn't get it.

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    Obama's gay lover Larry Sinclair sends his condolences. lol :D
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