Another New open source C++ FIX engine

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  2. Thank you for posting.

    I find the third-party libraries requirement detrimental for the wide spread usage by retail traders. Instead of Poco and Intel they could have just used Boost, instead of Bekerley DB they could have used SQLite or simple text files. Installing & configuring Berkeley DB is a big turn off for me personally, its use is justified if I was generating FIX messages faster than every second o.w. text file would be just fine. Just mine opinion.

    Fix8 requires the followin third-party software (header files and
    libraries) being installed to build properly:

    - Poco C++ Libraries basic edition
    - Intel Threading Building Blocks
    - Berkeley DB C++
  3. I must add that it's very nice to see new alternatives to QuickFIX behemoth.
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    retail traders dont use FIX
  5. some do, usually with QuickFIX.
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    It's more fast that QuickFix ?
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    Totally agree, I'm sure the same functionality could be achieved with a dependency on boost, leaving the door open for DB integration at the users discretion and/or win32 support.
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    What makes this better than quickfix?.