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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gordo, Dec 13, 2005.

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    Have been looking at the Dell deals, and looking to pick up a different system. There are couple that I have been considering, but before ordering, wondering if there are any better deals on low end machines? Definately want dual monitor capability, and plan to expand to more later. Would like to stay around $500 or less. Looking at a Pentium 4, but any reason not to consider the $350 Dell machine? Current system looking at is the 510 with 512 ram, dual monitor card, etc. for about $599. Not looking to setup one of the monster trading stations that some of you guys have :D


  2. my system is around $600 from dell
    the 4700 dimension

    I upgraded to 1.5 gigs of ram

    2 dual heads.

    came with a ffree 19 inch

    using 3 monitors

    running tradestation with radarscreen

    works great :)

    don't need no retarded alienware shit
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    So basically, I have it down to a couple of different systems. Dell E310, E510, 3100, and a Gateway 706ge.

    What I am wondering, is how important is the power source to consider in multi montior use (2-4)? The Gateway is rated at 305watts. The E310 is 230 watts, E510 is 305 watts. Do I need to look to higher wattage machines?


  4. Some say 450 or better is best....see Antec or Enermax...

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    Those two companies seem to be on many techies Best PS List. I'd go with a 305, and if it doesn't work, swap it out for a 450. Check Pricewatch for the best prices, and for a review of the store with the best price.

    Or go to Newegg, they're usually within a few bucks of the lowest price, and have an awesome reputation.

    I'd stay away from Gateway tho. Used to be they used the cheapest parts they could possibly scrounge up from Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Computer Parts Store and Bait Shop. Might be different these days, but Dell has a good reputation for using decent parts.
  6. One of the computer magazines rated the Dell E510 as "best buy in category".

    PSU is not a big deal... if the one that comes with it isn't enough, you can buy a nice Thermaltake 430W from Newegg for about $40.

    Consider all of the things you're going to want to plug into it (modem, sound card, etc) and make sure whatever you buy has enough slots to accommodate. Figure that you have 4 monitors if you like with 2 each dualhead cards.
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    Guys, going with a Dell 5150 w/ 19" flat panel and dual monitor card loaded from factory. Just placed order, so should have it in a few days. Thanks for your help.
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