Another NBA Player Arrested

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  1. Wednesday, May 7, 2008
    Nets' Jefferson charged with assaulting man in January
    Associated Press

    MINNEAPOLIS -- New Jersey Nets forward Richard Jefferson was arrested Wednesday on charges of assault for grabbing another man by the throat in a Minneapolis club earlier this year.

    Jefferson was in town with the team on Jan. 27 when, according to a charge filed, he went to a club in the Graves Hotel where the victim was having a private birthday party in a roped-off section.

    The documents say Jefferson entered the area and got angry when he was asked to leave. He is accused of grabbing the victim, shoving him to a bench and choking him with both hands.

    Nets spokesman Gary Sussman had no comment. Jefferson's agent did not immediately return a phone message.

    Jefferson's first court hearing is set for June 18.
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