Another month, another boost in China's treasury holdings

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    "China's holdings of U.S. Treasury securities rose by $5 billion to $900.2 billion in April, the Treasury Department said Tuesday. Total foreign holdings rose by $72.8 billion to $3.96 trillion."

    "The 1.9 percent rise in total holdings of U.S. debt in April followed an even bigger 3.5 percent increase in March."

    "Japan, the No. 2 foreign holder of Treasury securities, also increased its holdings in April. It boosted them by $10.6 billion to $795.5 billion."
  2. 1) It almost seems like "chump change". :(
    2) They tend to be big buyers near market peaks too. :D
  3. no where else to put the money? Well, they could try buying our products. Wait... Do we make anything anymore???
  4. That would be treasury securities. :( :D
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    You forgot the american dream. :D You could sell it as well... Well, not anymore perhaps.
  6. poor china, feel sorry for those suckers. They did a major switch to euro from treasury just before europe crashed lol, after getting their asses handed to them, they now moving everything back to usd. The europe problem is also forcing china to slow/halt their currency reevaluation plan + deflate the real estate bubble. Basically they are stuck now. Like someone said, no place to put money, cant even invest it in its own country as it's already overheating...

    but dont worry, the shanghai stock exchange is going to allow foreign firms to start trading their new index derivatives (futures) soon, then the us investment houses will rot china to the core from within in less than a decade, just like it fucked japan (which never recovered).

    Like one chinese friend told me, gotta respect usa, american think 10-20 years ahead, their banks will dug all the traps first little by little forcing unnoticed minor policy changes, then push the market up to make money, then make it crash and fall into all those traps to make even more money, rotting whatever country it happens to be in, then move on to the next "emerging power".

    usa always wins at the end (his words not mine) :D
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    EXcellence!!!!!!Kudos to you and "your chinese friend" such wonderful EXPERTS on America and China.:D :D :D

    BTW... Don't worry about China or Japan.. You and Your chinese friend should take care of yourselves first! (financially) My China friends bought properties in Europe, Canada and Asia with "Cash".. so i don't worry for them.. i actually little "envy" of them. :D One of my China friend just bought a bungalow in sentosa for S$36 million (the 1st owner bought it for S$18.1 million from the developer in 2007) I'm really so jealous!:D
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    Nope... Please Read "newguy05" comment..
    The American Dream is Alive" :D
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    Now i understand why most people in the world (not only the terrorists) don't like american :eek: but some americans are kind souls and i personally have a few very good american friends.
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