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  1. Some may still feel E-mini futures are too big. Here is a much smaller index futures product: Nikkei 225 Mini listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange. Its current contract size is JPY 1.7 million, or USD 15k, much smaller than that of S&P E-Mini.

    The product started to trade in July 2006. It has huge volume. Kimono traders must trade it too.

    SGX of Singapore has a similar product, whose size is 5 times bigger. If you are interested in Nikkei 225 Mini, please visit the following page (Osaka Stock Exchange):
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    N225M commission are not so good -- better to trade SGXNK.
  3. > N225M commission are not so good

    Thanks, 2006.

    Probably you are right especially when you trade many of Nikkei 225 Mini.

    If you trade with a Japanese broker, you may get a good rate, though.

    For instance, the commissions of E-Trade of Japan are just JPY 52.5, or 46 US cents per side. (I am not a sales person.... )

    Low commission rates are one reason why Nikkei 225 Mini is popular in Japan.
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    46 cents sounds cheap. I'm pretty sure I'm paying way more than that. Will check later.
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    the SGXNK is perfect for me, right now a little over $20usd per tick. plenty of volume there too.

    I kinda wish the ES was $25 per tick.
  6. I checked the sgxnk---nkv07. On 15-min chart, it's all flat bars. There is no volume. What is wrong?
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    use the december contract
  8. Thanks. Why is everybody trading the Dec contract? What's the use of Oct and Nov contracts?
  9. What is their operating hour? Went to their home page and couldn't find it. Is there any break in the middle? Thanks.
  10. Never mind. Found the time
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